Accreditation Management System for Engineering Associates (Competency Based)

This documented accreditation management system developed by Engineers Australia sets out policy, criteria and guidelines for the accreditation of competency based engineering education programs at the level of Engineering Associate.

The Accreditation Management System is presented in a modular, controlled document format to provide for ease of navigation and access to pertinent information. Formal procedures for review approval and version control are in accordance with established quality management practices.

This Accreditation Management System defining document is intended as a resource for engineering education providers in the processes of planning, educational design, program review and continuous quality improvement.

It also is intended to provide explicit guidance for the development of submission documentation in preparation for an accreditation visit.

The Accreditation Management System provides the definitive criteria, assessment and reporting framework for evaluation panels engaged in the accreditation process and for the Engineers Australia Accreditation Board in the process of decision making.

System and Context

One of the objects and purposes of The Institution of Engineers, Australia (Engineers Australia), defined by Royal Charter, is “To increase the confidence of the community in the employment of engineers by admitting to The Institution only those persons as shall have satisfied the Council of The Institution that they have an adequate knowledge of both the theory and the practice of engineering”.

In accordance with this purpose, Engineers Australia evaluates complete courses or programs (hereafter referred to as programs) leading to the award of engineering degrees and diplomas by Australian educational institutions.

The key objective of this evaluation task is to accredit those programs which are adjudged as preparing their graduates adequately for entry to the profession and admission to membership of Engineers Australia in the grade of Graduate – career category – Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist or Engineering Associate as appropriate.

This documented accreditation system is concerned with the criteria and processes for evaluating engineering education programs leading to the award of engineering degrees appropriate for entry to the profession in the career category of Engineering Associates.


Guidelines, Process & Resources