Research and Reports

17 March 2015

Engineering construction and infrastructure in NSW

This report examines trends in New South Wales infrastructure development and engineering construction since 2010.


8 December 2014

Our FLNG Future: Engineering Opportunities and Challenges

To prepare this report, the Western Australia division of Engineers Australia initiated and chaired a series of meetings to solicit the views and perceptions of as many organisations involved in the lifecycle of FLNG as possible. Their findings are included in this report.


November 2014

A strategy for inclusiveness, well-being and diversity in engineering workplaces

This report provides a roadmap, which may be a game changer for the recruitment and retention of women in science, engineering and technology.


22 August 2013

Member Views on Policy and Priorities

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of Engineers Australia's May 2013 member survey on policy views and priorities. The objectives were to obtain information to guide a review of Engineers Australia’s public policies and to help prepare the organisation for the forthcoming federal election.

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4 July 2013

Government as an Informed Buyer

Engineers Australia's Government as an Informed Buyer report presents information on how the public sector can most effectively procure engineering-intensive products and services.


7 March 2013

Survey of Working Environment and Engineering Careers 2012

Engineers Australia believes it is critical to better understand the issues influencing the retention of engineers in engineering and the impediments to increasing the number of women in engineering, as part of a longer term strategy to improve the domestic supply of engineers. To this end, in 2012 Engineers Australia undertook a comprehensive survey of its members to explore the working lives of engineers. The objective was to identify issues conducive to engineering careers and those that were not with a view to building the background necessary for a long term approach. This report documents the findings of the survey.


28 February 2013

Analysing Australia's Infrastructure Trends 2013

This report is a comprehensive work assessing the current state of Australia’s key infrastructure, including roads, ports, railways, bridges, water, electricity and telecommunications assets. In this report, Engineers Australia revisits the findings of our Infrastructure Report Card series to assess progress in these areas since our last evaluation in 2010.


28 June 2012

Innovation in Engineering

Written by the Engineers Australia Innovation Taskforce, this report examines the importance of innovation to Australia's development, the role engineers play in this and ways to overcome the barriers facing Australian innovators.