Individual Awards

Engineers Australia's individual awards confer recognition for outstanding engineering achievements. The aim of these Awards is to recognise and promote those engineers who show innovation and resourcefulness in their work in line with the Awards criteria. They are awarded to an individual responsible for engineering achievement that has contributed to the advancemet of engineering and who has demonstrated outstanding enigneering skills.

  • Professional Engineer of the Year Award (Category A Award)
  • Engineering Technologist of the Year Award (Category A Award)
  • Engineering Associate of the Year Award (Category A Award)
  • Young Professional Engineer of the Year Award (Category D Award)
  • Young Engineering Technologist of the Year Award (Category D Award)
  • Young Engineering Associate of the Year Award (Category D Award)


There are two stages to Individual Awards; Division level and National. To be considered eligible for judging at the National level, a member must have first won (in the same year) an Individual Award at Division level.

The judges reserve the right not to judge any category of Individual Award at Division Level and/or National if less than three nominations are received.


The following criteria will be used by judges in assessing nominations:

  • Contribution to the well-being of people and communities
  • Resourcefulness in the planning and in the solution of design problems
  • Pioneering in the use of materials and methods
  • Use of sustainable engineering practices
  • Innovative design, construction and aesthetic value

Nomination Eligibility Requirements

The following requirements should be read carefully as all nominations must adhere to these to be eligible for judging at both Division Level and National:

  1. A nominee must be a financial member in the relevant grade of membership at the time of nomination and must remain a financial member up to and including the day that the Awards are announced.
  2. Individual awards are awarded at Division level each calendar year and only the winner of each category in each Division in the same year is considered eligible to enter the National Awards.
  3. A member may self nominate and/or a third party can prepare a nomination on behalf of the nominee (for example an employer). However, if the third party does not involve at least one member of Engineers Australia, the nomination must be supported by a referee who is a financial member of Engineers Australia. Referee's contacts and membership number must be provided in the nomination form.
  4. All nominations (whether self nominations, third party and/or Engineers Australia business unit nominations) must include the Division to which the member is affiliated.
  5. All third party nominations must be accompanied by agreement from the nominee to be nominated.
  6. All nominees must agree to the terms and conditions of the nomination. Agreement to the terms and conditions mean that the nominee has agreed to be interviewed by judges if required.
  7. There is to be no monetary gain or other direct inducement/incentive provided to a nominator, nominee or employer of either party.
  8. Nominations may come from all Engineers Australia Learned Societies, including Colleges, Technical Societies and Special Interest Groups.
  9. Nominees may be asked to provide agreement for the use of the content of their nomination for promotional purposes.
  10. By agreeing to the terms and conditions a nominee is allowing Engineers Australia to the right to investigate their membership file.
  11. Engineers Australia staff may not prepare a nomination on behalf of a nominee and may be subject to disciplinary action if it is found that an individual staff member has breached this requirement.
  12. Engineers Australia staff may not participate in the judging or voting process, however may provide advice to judging panels as requested.

The judges' decisions relating to any of these awards is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Please note: A CV, 100-word biography, and profile picture must be submitted in addition to the above information.

For full details including nomination due dates, please visit your Division:

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