Engineers Australia's nine Colleges provide continuing professional development (CPD) for members through regular conferences, publications and visiting speakers.

The Colleges broadly cover all areas of practice in engineering.

To learn more or to get involved please browse the Colleges below.

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Biomedical College

The Biomedical College is suited to those members of the engineering team who work closely with medical practitioners, health-industry professionals, and vehicle and safety equipment manufacturers to enhance human life. It conducts a range of activities that support and promote members and the profession: from standards-setting to facilitation and mentoring.

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Chemical College

The Chemical College maintains, develops and promotes chemical engineering knowledge; develops accreditation standards for tertiary degrees and Chartered Status; provides expert advice for CPD courses; and mentors graduates.

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Civil College

The Civil College conducts technical conferences, symposia and meetings; prepares publications; offers a range of awards and prizes; and promotes research and development in the field of civil engineering.

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Electrical College

The Electrical College conducts technical conferences, symposia and meetings; prepares publications for CPD purposes; develops and submits policy proposals; awards prizes to encourage excellence; sponsors activities that promote engineering as an interesting and rewarding career; and promotes research and development in the field of electrical engineering.

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Environmental College

The Environmental College provides leadership and focus on environmental policy and sustainability; coordinates consultations with government and other groups on environmental issues; coordinates CPD and professional development; and forms partnerships with other professional bodies in Australia and overseas.

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Information, Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering College

The College of Information, Telecommunications, and Electronics Engineering (ITEE) encompasses these three disciplines – which are integral to complex engineering products and systems, such as communications, manufacturing, information transfer and infrastructure.

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Mechanical College

The Mechanical College aims to be the peak representative body for Mechanical Engineering in Australia. It attracts eligible engineers as members and ensures their capabilities are recognised; and provides a framework of support services to help members develop world best practice skills, knowledge and attitudes in Mechanical Engineering.

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Structural College

The Structural College attracts graduate and experienced structural engineers, who participate in a range of activities including: evening talks, field visits, seminars, short courses and training workshops.

The Structural College promotes the special interest of structural engineering wherever applicable and provides an avenue for structural engineers to share in the affairs of their professional body.

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College of Leadership and Management

The College of Leadership and Management strengthens Engineers Australia's strategic priority to provide a "professional home for life" for all engineers in Australia.  The College will be the home for engineers who are leaders in their roles in the community, have management roles in their organsation or who are technical specialists in an area not already covered by the existing Colleges.

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