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Benefits of Student membership

With over 100,000 members, Engineers Australia membership is recognised world-wide and can help open doors via its network and reputation. Students looking to start their engineering career through professional development, support and industry connections should apply for membership today.


Access Australia’s premier engineering network and have world-class professional development and technical resources at your fingertips.

In such a diverse profession with so many exciting opportunities, now is the time to start thinking about your engineering career. Explore your options at Careers Expos and local events and learn more with extensive industry resources. Whether you're driven by innovation, sustainability or the love of a challenge, Engineers Australia offers expert advice and guidance to support your ambition.

  • Career Centre
    Student members can also take advantage of the Career Centre's information on resume writing, interview skills and more. Engineers Australia encourages lifelong learning and is committed to working alongside industry employers and you, at every stage of your career.
  • Events and networking
    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events offer you the opportunity to explore the different disciplines of engineering and witness the application of your current area of study. Build your knowledge and engage with professionals working in your chosen field.
  • myCPD
    myCPD’s videos, short courses and other online learning tools mean you can add real-world expertise to your assignments and develop your engineering skills.
  • Resources
    Engineers Australia membership includes access to a wide range of resources to help with tertiary studies and research. The online library offers world-class technical databases, conference papers, industry journals, handbooks and more; exploring all areas of engineering.
  • News and updates
    Keeping up-to-date with news, trends and technology is vital in such a fast-paced profession. In addition to active social media channels, the Engineers Australia website is a great source of industry updates and local events. The monthly student newsletter, study brEAk, provides career advice, engagement opportunities and updates on the current state of engineering in Australia.


Gain the competitive edge in the global market by being a part of the elite community committed to engineering a better world.

  • Post-nominals
    Looking to set yourself apart and increase your career opportunities? Post-nominals (StudIEAust) mean peers and employers instantly recognise your commitment to the profession and personal development.
  • Awards
    You can also get noticed for academic achievements through a range of student awards, university medals and scholarships.
  • Chartered
    You can also start preparing for your Chartered journey to be recognised as a competent, independent and ethical engineering professional.
  • Global mobility
    As you look to enter an increasingly global profession, it’s important to know that you’ll be supported wherever your career takes you. Engineers Australia facilitates the mobility of members through accreditation, international Accords and Mutual Recognition Agreements with like-minded organisations. If you’re looking to join more than 5,000 members working around the globe, we have an active international program with multiple overseas Chapters.


Have your say in the direction and future of your profession.

  • Volunteering
    Build your professional reputation and industry knowledge by volunteering through your local Division. Getting involved with expert groups offers you the opportunity to learn from others and engage with professionals working in your chosen field.
  • Learned Groups
    Local and National groups are involved in advocacy activities and raising the profile of engineers, facilitating professional connections, learning opportunities and increasing engagement in engineering activities.
  • Advocacy
    Engineers Australia ensures members’ interests are represented and voiced to government through ongoing advocacy activities and media engagement. Keen to know more? Follow @EngAustralia on Twitter to keep up-to-date on news announcements and dialogue between Engineers Australia, key journalists and politicians. The latest media releases are available on the Engineers Australia website.

Exclusive member rewards

Ignite is the new benefits program designed to unlock the full value of your membership. Engineers Australia members receive exclusive offers and discounts to support your business, professional and personal lives; from respected organisations such as Macquarie BankAmerican Express and OzForex

But don't just take our word for it...

CEO / Engineers Australia Student video

More and more, Engineers Australia membership is being recognised by leading CEOs of Australian and multinational companies.

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Am I eligible?

To qualify for student membership, you must be studying an accredited or recognised Australian course in engineering. They can be either:

  1. a two-year Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree in Engineering program
  2. a three-year Bachelor of Engineering Technology/Science program
  3. a four-year Bachelor of Engineering program
  4. a two-cycle Bachelor + Master in Engineering program (3 year + 2 year program or integrated BE/ME 5 year program)
  5. a Conversion Master of Engineering program

If you are unsure, please have a look at the accredited programs list to see if your engineering program has been listed.

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Frequently asked questions

What if I am a diploma student?

Diploma students are not eligible to apply for student membership. However, all young engineers are welcome to attend any of the member events listed on our website – they are a great way to further your engineering career. Please note that for free member events, a small non-member fee may be charged to cover refreshments and materials. Many of our events are available free online via video streaming.

What if I am a postgraduate student?

If you are a postgraduate engineering student, you may be eligible to join as a graduate member. Full time postgraduate students may also be eligible for a postgraduate concession on membership fees.

To apply for a concession, please complete the normal graduate application form and, in the payment section, make a note that you wish to apply for a concession.  Engineers Australia will then contact you to advise you of your login details which will enable you to apply for a concession using our
online application system

How long does it take to process my application?

The turnaround time is currently about three weeks. Please refrain from contacting Engineers Australia within this timeframe, as it will further delay processing time for all applications.

Recently filled in a hard-copy application form during O-Week or at another event?

We're currently processing the influx of Student Membership applications and you will hear from us shortly. Want your membership now?

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More information

Expected study completion date

It is important that you advise us of your new expected study completion date if it has changed. Once the expected study completion date that we have recorded from your initial application passes, your membership will automatically be changed to that of a fee-paying Student member. If you need to update your expected study completion, you can send us an email. 

Update your address and contact details

If you move to another place, please advise us so that we can update your details. This way you can continuously receive all the membership benefits and important communication from Engineers Australia without interruption.

Advise us your non university email address

Please advise Engineers Australia of your non university email address. This will ensure that you receive important notices electronically even after you graduate and when you travel around.

Readmission to Student membership

If your student membership has lapsed and you wish to reinstate it, please use your EA ID to login to myPortal and apply to reinstate your membership.

If you don’t know your EA ID, please contact our friendly member services team

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