Managing Your Membership

Fee schedules

See below for the current fee schedules:


Renew your membership

Engineers Australia Membership subscriptions are based on the financial year, beginning on 1 July and ending on 30 June. To renew your membership by 30 June each year, simply make a payment using one of the options to the right.

Read the Membership Renewal Guide 2013-2014

Frequently asked questions

How do I make a payment for my membership subscription renewal?
For your convenience, there are several different payment methods available, which are all listed on the right hand side of this page and also on the reverse side of your Subscription Renewal Notice.

If you would like to pay online, login to the website and click on the Make a Payment icon. Please note that you cannot make any changes to your subscription if you are paying online.

Why do I have an opening balance?
Members may find an opening balance on their subscription renewal notice. This is generally due to unpaid subscription fees from previous years which have been carried over to the new invoice period.

How do I make amendments to my invoice?
If you would like to amend your invoice in any way (e.g. add a publication or Technical Society membership), please fill out the details in the space provided on the reverse side of your renewals notice and return with your payment slip; if you require assistance, please contact Member Services.

How do I apply for a concession or discount?
Click here to find out about applying for concessions and discounts.

How do I upgrade my membership?
Click here to find out how you can upgrade your membership.

I have completed my studies, why am I still recorded as a Student?
Student members who wish to upgrade to Graduate must submit a formal application. This is not an automatic process because Engineers Australia must confirm that you have successfully completed an accredited undergraduate course.

What is the BPay biller code number?
This information can be found under the ‘BPay' heading on the right hand side of this page.

Can I arrange for an Electronic Funds Transfer?
No. Engineers Australia does not accept Direct Deposit or Electronic Funds Transfers; however you can pay your bill monthly by Direct Debit. For further details of how to set this up, please see the information under the ‘Direct Debit' heading on the right hand side of this page.

Can I have my subscription notice invoiced to my employer or company?
The subscription notice will be invoiced to the member; arrangements can be made to have the subscription notice issued to C/O (Care of) the employer or company.

Can I request a receipt? How do I get a receipt?
An official receipt can be issued by request 24 hours after payment has been made. To request an official receipt, please fill out this form.

Reinstating your membership

Has your membership lapsed and you want to re-apply? Complete an application form for your grade of membership and mail to:

Engineers Australia
11 National Circuit

You will also need to pay your subscription fee plus an readmission fee.

Re-admission to Chartered Status

Do you want to be re-admitted to Chartered Status?

Transfer or upgrade your membership

To upgrade (e.g. from Graduate to Member) or transfer from one occupational category to another, download and complete the application form for the grade and category for which you would like to apply.

When should I upgrade?

  • Upgrade to Graduate from Student if you have completed your undergraduate qualification
  • Upgrade to Member from Graduate if you have at least three years of relevant work experience in an engineering field
  • Apply for Chartered Status if you have the experience to meet the National Generic Competency Standards
  • Register on NPER, NETR or NEAR if you are CPEng or CEngT CEngOand want recognition in an area of practice on one of the Registers.

When should I transfer?

Full details on how to transfer from one occupational category to another can be found in the Engineers Australia Articulation Guide.

For further assistance about upgrades and transfers, contact Member Services or call 1300 653 113.

Change or add College membership

If you are a Student or Graduate member:

You can request for a change of College by sending us an email to with a brief explanation as to the reason of your request.

If you are at the grade of Member or Fellow but not Chartered:

Please send us a copy of your CV to requesting for a change of College. Your CV should clearly indicate that you are practising in the engineering area which belongs to the requested College.

If you are a Chartered Member:

You need to apply for a change of College or an additional College Membership by sending us a completed form, Application for College Membership (PDF - 270kb), together with supporting documents as instructed in this form.

Chartered Members can claim to be a competent and current practitioner in relevant areas related to any Colleges of which they are a member. College membership may make them eligible for registration on NPER in that area. Therefore Chartered Members need to demonstrate their Stage 2 Competencies in the College(s) they are seeking by providing a statement of experience and CPD records.

The next CPD and Practice Review date of Chartered Members who obtained an additional College membership or an additional Area of Practice (National Registration) will still be five years from the admission date of their original College(s) or the previous Review completion date.


Student membership notes

Expected study completion date

It is important that you advise us of your new expected study completion date if it has changed. Once the expected study completion date that we have recorded from your initial application passes, your membership will automatically be changed to that of a fee-paying Student member. If you need to update your expected study completion, you can send us an email to

Update your address and contact details

If you move to another place, please advise us so that we can update your details. This way you can continuously receive all the membership benefits and important communication from Engineers Australia without interruption.

Advise us your non university email address

Please advise Engineers Australia of your non university email address. This will ensure that you receive important notices electronically even after you graduate and when you travel around.

Readmission to Student membership

If your Student membership lapsed while you are still studying an undergraduate program and you wish to reinstate it, please complete a hard copy application form for Student membership and send it to us by post. Readmission to Student membership cannot be processed via online application.

Concessions and discounts

You may be eligible for a membership discount or concession rate.

Dual membership discount

Engineers Australia membership subscription discounts are available to members who are also members of the following:

  • IPWEA – $16.50 (inc GST)

Each member is entitled to receive one discount only, calculated as the highest-value discount for which the member is eligible.

To receive the discount, please notify us of your joint membership with any of these bodies. It will then appear on your Renewal Notice. If it does not appear, please post us evidence of your memberships with your next renewal payment and pay the full amount. The discount will appear as a credit balance on your next Renewal Notice, in the item code SB – Membership Subscription.

Technical Society discount

Members of Engineers Australia, other than free students, who join one or more Technical Societies are entitled to a single discount of $16.50 (includes GST) off their Engineers Australia membership subscription.

Learn more about Technical Societies and discover how Technical Society membership can benefit your career

Concession subscription rate

The Concession Subscription Rate is available to a member in any grade or occupational category who:

  • Is over 55, has been a financial member continuously for five years, and has retired from paid, full-time work; or
  • Is unable to work by reason of unemployment, disability, ill health, pregnancy, parental obligation, participation in full-time postgraduate study directly related to their engineering competencies, temporary severe financial difficulty or other sufficient cause.
Retired Members paying the concession rate are eligible for the discount for membership of one Technical Society, but not for any other discount.
To apply for a concession, please use our new online application system.

For more information, contact Member Services or call 1300 653 113.

Resigning your membership

Members wishing to resign their membership are required to do so in writing (mail, email or fax).

So we can identify you accurately, please include your Engineers Australia member number, full name and contact details in your correspondence.

How to Pay?


If you would like to pay online, please visit MyPage and click on the link to 'Make a Payment' (credit card only).

How do I find MyPage? If you are logged in already, simply click on the MyPage link in the top right hand corner of this screen. If you are not logged in, click on the Login link in the top right, enter your username and password and you will be automatically redirected.




By phone

Credit card payments are accepted 24 hours a day by calling 1300 653 113. We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and AMEX). Please have your invoice and credit card ready.

Overseas Members should call +61 2 6270 6555

Direct debit

You can pay your bill monthly from a nominated Bank or Credit Card account. To set up Direct Debit please download the authorisation form:


Contact your participating financial institution to make a payment directly from your cheque, savings or credit card account (AMEX and Diners excluded). B-Pay details are on the front of your invoice. Please do not use B-Pay if amendments to your invoice are required.

EA Biller Code: 959668

The reference number is your Engineers Australia member number or your Engineers Australia CID number.

Cheque or money order

Payments can be made by cheque or money order by completing the payment slip on your invoice and returning to:

Engineers Australia
Locked Bag 24
Kingston ACT 2604

When paying by cheque please write your membership number on the reverse of the cheque and make it payable to Engineers Australia.

All cheque payments must be in AUS$ drawn on an Australian bank.

Need further assistance?

Please contact our Member Services Team on 1300 653 113 between 8.30am and 5.30pm (EST) Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Overseas members can call +61 2 6270 6540.

You can also email your question to Member Services (please note: credit card payments cannot be accepted by email).

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