National Registers

Engineers Australia administers three National Engineering Registers on advice from a board established to ensure the registers operate with integrity and in the public interest.

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About the Registers

Registration on the National Engineering Registers is available in three occupational categories:

  • National Professional Engineers Register (NPER)
  • National Engineering Technologists Register (NETR)
  • National Engineering Associates Register (NEAR)

International Registers are available in Australia only for Professional Engineers who are registered on NPER. International Registers for Engineering Technologists are expected to become available in near future.

International Registers

  • APEC Engineer Register
  • IPEA (International Professional Engineers Agreement) - IntPE(Aus)

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You do not have to join Engineers Australia to register on a National Engineering Register.

If you are a Member of Engineers Australia in any occupational category, we will already hold satisfactory evidence of your qualifications.

If you are a Chartered Member of Engineers Australia in any occupational category, we will already hold satisfactory evidence of your competencies at Stage 2. In some cases a Chartered Member's currency in practice and commitment to continuing professional development may need to be confirmed through a CPD Audit prior to registration.

Can I apply through an MRA?

Yes, if you are a member of an overseas engineering association with which Engineers Australia has a mutual recognition agreement (MRA). You will normally need to join Engineers Australia, if using this option, as most MRA's apply to membership. You should read the details in the Mutual Recognition Agreement Application Form (PDF 156kb).

Exception: members of overseas engineering associations who apply for assessment of qualifications and competencies for the purpose of applying for registration as a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland.

The APEC Engineer Register and EMF IntPE(Aus)

Fellows (FIEAust CPEng) who are registered on NPER can apply for registration on the International Registers administered in Australia free of charge and without the need for further assessment.

Members (MIEAust CPEng) who are registered on NPER can apply for registration on the International Registers free of charge. Confirmation of their period of practice since graduation and an assessment of how they meet the requirement to have been in responsible charge of significant engineering work is necessary.

Members (MIEAust) and non members must first apply successfully for registration on NPER.

I am an overseas resident. Can I apply for NPER/NETR/NEAR?

If you believe you have a need to register on an Australian National Engineering Register, you may apply for registration from an overseas location. The requirements for registration are the same.

An assessment against the Australian Engineering Competency Standards Stage 2 requires a professional interview. If you are overseas, special arrangements need to be made to conduct this interview and may cause delays.

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Requirements to be Registered

The following qualifications are required:

  • NPER – an Australian accredited engineering qualification or assessed (Stage 1 Competencies) equivalent 
  • NETR – an Australian accredited technologist qualification or assessed (Stage 1 Competencies) equivalent 
  • NEAR – a recognised two-year advanced diploma or assessed (Stage 1 Competencies) equivalent

After achieving a required qualification, all applicants must have sufficient practical experience under supervision (with increasing levels of personal responsibility) for engineering work to demonstrate the necessary competencies for independent practice.

The following standard of assessment is required:

Additional benefits for persons who choose to join Engineers Australia:

  • NPER – recognised as MIEAust CPEng
  • NETR – recognised as TMIEAust CEngT
  • NEAR – recognised as OMIEAust CEngO

Do I have to be a member of Engineers Australia?

No, the requirements for registration are the same, whether or not you are a member.

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Areas of Practice

For full details on the areas of practice that are available on the NPER/NETR/NEAR and IntPE(Aus) please visit the National Engineering Registration Board website.

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