9 October 13

7th World Congress on Particle Technology, Beijing, 19-22 May 2014

Several bursaries* are available for student registration at the 7th World Congress on Particle Technology, proudly sponsored by The Australasian Particle Technology Society (APTS) and the Australia-China Joint Research Centre for Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials (3-M Centre).

To be eligible for selection, you must be a member of APTS and are registered to attend the 7th World Congress on Particle Technology (WCPT7). Winners will be selected based on the quality of papers accepted for presentation at the conference.

Send your entry (paper submitted to WCPT7, proof of acceptance and registration to WCPT7, APTS member ID) to cordelia.selomulya@monash.edu OR roberto.moreno-atanasio@newcastle.edu.au.

Winners will be announced at the APTS website before WCPT7 in 2014.

*Each bursary is equivalent to US$500

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