9 November 11

Karnet Prison Skills Showcase

In August 2011 Engineers Australia launched a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), which aims to help ‘close the gap’ between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, as outlined by the Federal Government.

In line with this, we want to encourage our members in WA to attend Karnet Prison's Skills Showcase day on Tuesday 29th November.

The minimum-security prison runs a Prisoner Employment Program (PEP) that it claims is ‘a unique pre-release employment program’. The open day will provide an opportunity for local employers to see the ‘development and support [the Prison] offers prisoners during their incarceration to achieve accreditation in industry training, skills development and accredited certification’.

As Indigenous Australians currently make up 44% of our prison population, innovative programs like this need to be supported by businesses able to offer employment and work experience opportunities.

At Engineers Australia we want to make the 2011 Year of Humanitarian Engineering meaningful and sustain the ethos that underlies it in future years. This is one small way we can do that.

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