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Our partnerships with Industry, particularly through our PDP, are very important and we are always looking at ways to acknowledge them and promote them to our membership. Currently the ways in which we do this is to publish articles in our print and electronic media when a new PDP partner comes on board. We also list all of our PDP partners on our website.

There are opportunities to also promote our relationship with you through our online presence in social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as on our website.

If there are opportunities you see for us to promote our relationship with you, contact your local Industry Relationship Manager.



Awards program

  Engineers Australia offers a range of awards and medals at local and national levels through our Divisions and Colleges. This program seeks to identify, recognise and reward outstanding achievement, eminence in the practice of engineering, and conspicuous service to the profession. These include individual awards such as Honorary Fellow, Engineers Australia Medal and Engineers of the Year. Other awards are granted to organisations such as the Engineering Excellence Awards. The Engineering Excellence Awards are the highlight of the Engineers Australia calendar, with winners at the Divisional level going on to compete at the National Level.





"Snowy Hydro is an organisation that prides ourselves itself on exceeding customer and stakeholder expectations while demonstrating best practise and excellence in our field. We believe our sponsorship partnership with Engineers Australia not only aligns with these core organisational values through the recognition of excellence in engineering in Australia but shows our customers and stakeholders our strong commitment to the profession."

Paul Johnson
Manager Corporate Marketing & Communications
Snowy Hydro Limited

Engineers Australia works closely with partners at local and national levels through our Divisions, Special Interest groups, Colleges and Panels to deliver the diverse activities to our membership.

We recognise the support provided by these organisations in our print and electronic media, social media and website. To discuss opportunities to work more closely with Engineers Australia, contact the sponsorship manager at your local division.