Toowoomba Regional Group

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We are a group of volunteering local engineers looking to engage and increase the profile of engineering within the Darling Downs community and to provide an avenue for members to network via technical meetings and networking events.


Brock Tomkins
Steven Goh


Waqar Butt

Simon Weier

Kimberley Davis
YEAQ Representative

Thiru Aravinthan

Committee Members

Mainul Islam
Brian Kenny
Silvio Callovini
Brad Davis

Past Presentations

  • Interview - University of Southern Queensland [WMV]

  • Presentation - University of Southern Queensland [WMV]

  • Download 'Instructions For Use'  - University of Southern Queensland

Instructions For Use: This video file will stream using the Windows Media Player (v.9 and above), and will play over a broadband (or better) connection.  The file is not downloadable. You are able to pause, rewind and fast-forward using the player's control bar.

Some users have reported that when following the link in study-desk the Windows Media player opens in study-desk, the video is large and the image quality is poor.

It seems that study-desk is opening the player at a size larger than the correct recorded size, and the poor image quality is caused by over-magnification of the correct video aspect ratio. To fix this, grab the corner of the player with the mouse, and reduce the video image to a more acceptable size and quality, or right click within the video player, highlight the Video Size menu item, drop down the sub-menu and tick "Fit Player to Video On Start". This will resize the window to the correct size and aspect-ratio.

Also, note that some users have reported that their institutional ICT policies do not allow streaming-video content. Please check with your local systems administrator if you are unable to connect to this streamed-video presentation.

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