Society of Fire Safety

The Society has been established to foster excellence in fire safety in Australia. The Society of Fire Safety is an organisation that is:
  • A catalytic, coordinating, and creative force in realising the professionalism of fire safety engineering
  • A valuable resource to - and a partner with - national, state, and local Governments and Associations
  • Entrepreneurial, innovative, effective, and efficient in utilising its limited resources, influence, and activities to deliver real beneficial outcomes to both the members and the Australian community
  • A good steward of the knowledge of fire safety engineering
  • An open organisation dedicated to the ethical application of fire safety engineering principles

As a learned Society, the aims are to draw together individuals who are actively engaged in fire safety, to provide a national focus and leadership for the development, understanding, practice and application of fire safety engineering to achieve reductions of risk for life, property and environmental damage and the implementation of cost-effective fire safety codes and regulations.

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