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The inaugural meeting of the National Board was held on 22 August 1994 and formation of the Society of Fire Safety (SFS) was approved by the Council of Engineers Australia at its meeting in July 1995.


The Society has been established to foster excellence in fire safety in Australia. As a learned Society, the aims are to draw together individuals who are actively engaged in fire safety, to provide a national focus and leadership for the development, understanding, practice and application of fire safety engineering to achieve reductions of risk for life, property and environmental damage and the implementation of cost-effective fire safety codes and regulations. The Society is National with Regional Chapters throughout Australia. The Society is a technical Society of Engineers Australia. Two office holders, the National President and the Treasurer, must be members of Engineers Australia, but general Society members do not need to be members of Engineers Australia.

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The broad objectives of the Society are the professional development of its members and the dissemination of the Society’s ideals into the wider community. The specific objectives of the Society are to:

  • develop, and extend the application of, the science and technology of fire safety engineering
  • promote excellence in the practice of fire safety engineering
  • promote the use of the science and technology of fire safety engineering in the built environment
  • promote education, training and research in all aspects of fire safety engineering
  • maintain and improve professional and educational standards for fire safety practitioners
  • influence community, corporate and regulatory attitudes and practices in relation to fire safety
  • communicate knowledge about fire safety engineering with, and to promote collaboration between members, organisations and other societies
  • provide expert advice for government, industry and the community.


Activities undertaken in support of the objectives may include:

  • communicating knowledge to members, organisations, and other societies by:
    • conducting technical meetings
    • organising special events, such as symposia, conferences, seminars, courses
    • sponsoring eminent speakers
    • participating in conferences organised by others
    • encouraging production and publication of learned papers
    • promoting and supporting regional interest in fire safety and engineering activities
    • preparing and distributing a national newsletter.
  • initiating comment and promoting debate on selected issues
  • providing a specialist resource by such means as:
    • participating in preparation of codes and standards
    • responding to requests for comment on issues
    • forming working parties for undertaking research into specific issues
  • supporting education by:
    • encouraging the inclusion of fire safety engineering in undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education courses
    • advising and assisting with undergraduate and postgraduate courses
    • participating in course accreditation.
  • liaising and interacting with Australian and overseas societies and institutions with related interests
  • providing recognition of the contributions and achievements of members and other workforce practitioners to the advancement of fire safety engineering
  • where appropriate the National Board may also undertake activities in conjunction with the Regional Chapter(s).

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