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The National Committee on Software Engineering (NCSWE) is a committee of Engineers Australia formed in 2005 to concentrate attention on the theory, practice and profession of software engineering for the increasing number of EA members who design, develop and evaluate software for use in almost all engineering applications.

The NCSWE grew from the realisation that although the scope of the recently formed College of Information, Telecommunications and Electronic Engineering (ITEE) has correctly identified information as the central focus of its efforts, within this scope there needed to be some additional focus on the engineering of software that is a primary means to use information.

The National Committee on Software Engineering 



Committee Members

Miss Jennifer Murray Chair jennifer.murray@defence.gov.au
Mr Adrian Smith  Immediate Past Chair adrian.smith@sydac.com.au
Dr Jocelyn Armarego Member j.armarego@murdoch.edu.au
Mr Tim Browne Member tim.browne@innodev.com.au
Mr John Gordon Member john.gordon2@bigpond.com
Mr Bill Malkin Member bill@malkin.com
Prof Paul Bailes

Corresponding Members

  • Prof Ian Gorton
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Terms of Reference

Engineers Australia has established a National Committee on Software Engineering (NCSWE) reporting to the Information, Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering College Board (ITEE) .

The terms of reference of this committee are to:

  • Provide engineering leadership and input on the advancement of an effective Australian software industry;
  • Interact with industry, professional, research and government bodies, both locally and overseas, to identify critical issues and trends in software engineering;
  • Develop awareness and foster debate of critical issues and trends in software engineering within Australia;
  • Develop and organise continuing professional development activities such as conferences, seminars and eminent speaker programs, which promote the advancement of software engineering theory and practice;
  • Promote the profession of software engineering to the Australian community; and
  • Review global initiatives for training and certifying software engineers and make recommendations for their application to Engineers Australia's competency framework.

The Committee in fulfilment of the above will cooperate with the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and its Technical Boards, and also acknowledges the role of the Joint Board of Software Engineering (JBSWE) in facilitating cooperation and collaboration between ACS and Engineers Australia.

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Contact Us

For any enquiries regarding the National Committee on Software Engineering please contact:

Committee Administrator

E: itee@engineersaustralia.org.au

Engineers Australia
Engineering House
11 National Circuit
Barton ACT 2600

To contact Member Services please call 1300 653 113

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