Online CPD - Help

Online CPD - Help

Help information to access online CPD presentations

Error / Issue


Solution / Comments

Server Not Found (Video only)

“Authenticating Proxy Server” within your network blocking authentication.

  • Contact your network administrator to allow authentication to web site.
  • View from outside of your work network.

Browser issues

Formatting issues from browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) (Presentations prior to Dec 2009)

Unable to view presentations using Mac OS

Required software not installed.

Access from iPads/iPhones

Required software not installed.

  • iPads do not allow for the software to be installed, however Puffin Browser application can allow Flash Player presentations to be viewed.
  • There are also several iPad applications that allow access to Silverlight formatted presentations.

Access from Tablets and Android mobile phones.

Required software not installed.

Additional Help

If the information above doesn't assist in solving your problem please also visit Silverlight help:

or contact us on 1300 653 113, email