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Engineers Australia’s Technical Societies provide an important and integral link between the profession and specific areas of technical practice. Societies undertake many functions relating to the on-going establishment and maintenance of engineering qualifications relevant to their specific discipline, they provide a forum for the engineering team and industry practitioners to participate in professional technical development, networking opportunities with other professionals in the specific area of practice, and many other functions.

Technical Societies that are operating units of Engineers Australia are bound by the Royal Charter and By-Laws, regulations and policies of Engineers Australia.  

There are some separately incorporated organisations that, under agreement, perform the functions of an Engineers Australia technical society, however they remain separate legal entities.

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List of Technical Societies




Asset Management Council

The Asset Management Council is a non-profit organisation committed to advancing the asset management knowledge and capability of members and the broader community. As an independent professional body, the Asset Management Council unites professionals and organisations from asset intensive industries to work together and enhance Australia’s international competitiveness.

Courses, Asset Management Body of Knowledge, technical Papers, forums and events are among the services provided. The Asset Management Council is a Technical Society of Engineers Australia and a founding member of the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management.

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Australasian Association for Engineering Education

AAEE is a professional association of academics, support staff, postgraduate students, librarians, professional engineers, and employers who all have vested interests in fostering excellence and innovation in engineering education. The general mission of AAEE is to improve the quality, relevance and performance of engineering education in Australasia.
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Australasian Particle Technology Society

APTS was formed in 1998 with the aim to promote the connection, interaction and the cooperation between all organizations working in particle technology area - including academic and industrial research, government organizations and commercial manufacturers. We act as a forum to disseminate information about advances in particle research, promote the interests of members and assist in organising technical meetings.

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Australasian Tunnelling Society

The Australasian Tunnelling Society (ATS) is a technical society that aims to advance the knowledge of the Australasian Tunnelling Industry through areas of design, construction and utilisation of underground space, including technical aspects, health and safety, and ecologically sustainable development.

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Australian Composite Structures Society

Australia has a developing composites industry which is supported by commercial, government and university research organisations, as well through international collaboration. To facilitate discussion of ideas and developments in composite materials, the Australian Composite Structures Society, a technical society within Engineers Australia, was founded in December 1992.

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Australian Cost Engineering Society

The Australian Cost engineering Society (ACES) was formed in 1996 to provide opportunities for the exchange of information on the development of total cost management technologies in Australia and to encourage increased training and recognition for practitioners. The ACES is a technical society of Engineers Australia and a section of the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International (AACEI). The ACES is also a member of the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC).

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Australian Earthquake Engineering Society

The objective of the Australian Earthquake Engineering Society is to reduce earthquake risk by advancing the science and practice of earthquake engineering, by improving  understanding of the impact of earthquakes on the physical, social, economic, political and cultural environment, and by advocating comprehensive and realistic measures for reducing the harmful effects of earthquakes.

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Australasian Fluid and Thermal Engineering Society

The general mission of the Society is to promote and foster the understanding and application of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer and related subjects within Australasia to the general benefit of the community at large. The society publishes an occasional newsletter and runs conferences, workshops and seminars.

Australian Geomechanics Society

Geomechanics is the application of engineering and geological principles to the behaviour of the ground and ground water and the use of these principles in civil, mining, offshore and environmental engineering in the widest sense. The Australian Geomechanics Society was founded in 1970. The AGS produces Australian Geomechanics the newsletter and journal of the Society and specialty conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops, including the four yearly ANZ Geomechanics conference.

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Australian Society for Bulk Solids Handling

The mission of the society is to enhance the discipline of bulk solids handling through research, education and sound engineering practice. The society aims to promote cooperation between universities, research establishments, consultants, equipment manufacturers & suppliers and industrial users and holds national and international conferences at regular intervals.

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Australian Society for Defence Engineering

The society aims to provide a forum for the intellectual and fraternal exchange of information; be the pre-eminent learned society by embracing all aspects of engineering theory, practice, heritage, training and development relevant to the Armed Forces and the defence of Australia; and inform members on developments in defence material and major engineering works within ADF and other armed forces.

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Electric Energy Society of Australia

EESA is a national society established to advance interests in electric energy. It is a Technical Society of Engineers Australia. The key objective of EESA is to provide a continuous professional development program to members of the Society who have an interest in the field of electric energy. This field encompasses generation, transmission, distribution, retail and customer end-use of electric energy.

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Electromagnetic Compatibility Society of Australia

The society was established to promote the science and practice of Electromagnetic Compatibility throughout Australia and the Region. Electromagnetic compatibility involves understanding and the effects of both radiated and conducted electrical interference on equipment and biological systems.

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Institute of Industrial Engineers

The Institute of Industrial Engineers is the Australian body dedicated to serving the need of industry for improved productivity by enhancing professional skills of industrial engineers and individuals involved with creating wealth through productivity improvement.

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Materials Australia

Active since 1946, Materials Australia (MA) has been the peak body representing metallurgists and materials engineers/scientists across a broad range of Australian industries. Constant advances in technology have created new materials and applications and as a modern engineer you need to stay abreast of these developments. Materials Australia membership will provide wide exposure across new steel and stainless steel alloys, light alloys and other metals, polymers, ceramics and composites. You will also obtain knowledge on the effective use and performance of these materials.

Our members are at the leading edge of this engineering materials revolution and MA is well placed to provide all of our members with access to new knowledge to ensure a competitive advantage and more importantly help all engineers to contribute to the health and wellbeing of the Australian community.

We regularly run training courses, seminars and conferences which will help engineers broaden their understanding of materials engineering and also keep up their CPD hours.

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Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA) is a professional organisation providing member services and advocacy for those involved in and delivering public works and engineering services to the community. Previously known as the Institute of Municipal Engineering Australia (IMEA), the organisation is now expanding its traditional local government engineering focus to public works and thereby covering all levels of government and private practice.

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Mine Subsidence Technology Society

The Mine Subsidence Technological Society aims to promote and to support the technical intercourse of persons in all levels of the building, construction, mining and other industries affected by mine subsidence.

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Mining Electrical and Mining Mechanical Engineering Society

MEMMES looks at engineering disciplines and their applications to mining and its associated industries and suppliers. We encourage research development and education programs that benefit the industry. Our members come from all Australian states, New Zealand and New Guinea and we are represented on Australian Standards, reviews and committees.

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Railway Technical Society of Australasia

The Railway Technical Society of Australasia (RTSA) is a joint Technical Society of Engineers Australia and IPENZ New Zealand, formed to further the interests of the railway industry at large and its individual participants. The RTSA is a non-profit organisation established in 1997 for the purpose of promoting the co-operation of academic, industrial, commercial and governmental organisations in relation to the practice and advancement of railway technology and management in Australasia.

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RedR Society

RedR Australia provides emergency assistance to communities devastated by conflict or major natural disasters by selecting, training and providing competent and effective personnel to humanitarian relief programs worldwide. RedR Australia maintains the Register of qualified personnel. The skills, knowledge and expertise of RedR Australia Register members are crucial to ongoing humanitarian efforts around the world.

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Risk Engineering Society

The Risk Engineering Society actively contributes to the effective management of risks in the workplace and in the community. We do this by collecting and disseminating information on all aspects of risk engineering, organising technical meetings and conferences and liaising with interested organisations. We place special focus on risk issues associated with construction, design, safe plant operation and management.

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Royal Aeronautical Society

The RAeS is a multi-disciplinary professional institution for the aerospace industry with branches in all major Australian cities, regular events and a commitment to continuous professional development. In association with Engineers Australia the society has conducted a successful series of Australian International Aeronautical Congresses on a biennial basis. From 2005 the Congresses have been hosted by the Melbourne Branch and coincided with Australian International Airshow.

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Royal Institution of Naval Architects

The Royal Institution of Naval Architects is an internationally renowned professional institution whose members are involved at all levels in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of marine vessels and structures. Members of the RINA are widely represented in industry, universities and colleges, and maritime organisations in over 90 countries.

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Society for Building Services Engineers

The activities of the Society throughout the year includes both specific disciplines and cross industry matters. The monthly meetings are a combination of technical papers and site visits. The Society co-operates with other organisations in the field and with other Engineers Australia Technical Societies.

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Society for Engineering in Agriculture

The society was formed to promote and support the application of engineering in agriculture. The aims of the Society are to improve communication among those with an interest in engineering in agriculture; extend appropriate technical information to Society members and others involved in agriculture; and raise awareness of the role of engineering in agriculture.

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Sustainable Engineering Society (SEng)

The SEng's mission is to provide a national focus and leadership within the engineering profession for the implementation of sustainability for the benefit of the Australian society. Membership is open to anyone with a desire and passion to find out more about, and contribute towards the advancement of environmental and sustainability issues.

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Society of Fire Safety

The Society fosters excellence in fire safety in Australia. As a learned society, we want to provide leadership and a national focus for the development, understanding, practice and application of fire safety engineering. By bringing people together who are actively engaged in fire safety, we want to reduce the risk fire poses to property and the environment, and implement cost-effective fire safety codes and regulations.

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Systems Engineering Society of Australia

In recent years the demand for high technology systems has increased, and so has the complexity of these systems. To match this demand, and to remain competitive internationally, Australia needs to establish and maintain systems engineering practices to world class standards. SESA acts as a catalyst in meeting this objective, providing a forum for the discussion and improvement of systems engineering practices in Australia, and a clearing house for Australian and international systems engineering information and trends.

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Transport Australia society

Transport Australia society (TAs) is open to all professionals with an interest in transportation across Australia.  We deal with those decisions of a material nature affecting the well-being, productivity and sustainability of our cities and regions.

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