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Celebrate the Global Day of the Engineer

We live in a world shaped by engineering

Engineers have enormous responsibility in defining how we live on this shared planet.  They are at the forefront of solving issues around food, water and energy sustainability, as well as transportation and communications.  Their work permeates many aspects of a person's daily life. Beyond this, engineers help to solve many of the world's most puzzling problems.

Thanks to engineers many of us enjoy better healthcare, greater life expectancy and a good quality of life. We can get to school or work every day, and travel around the world for business or holidays. We are better fed, better clothed and better housed, and we live in a safer environment. In the developing world engineers are making a real difference in improving lives; bringing safe, reliable water sources to communities or designing devices to end preventable infant mortality.

From smart phones to electric cars, from artificial hearts to humanoid robots, engineers are at the forefront of ground breaking innovations which offer opportunities to enable global society to become more advanced in its in its capabilities and open up a world of possibilities.

We have a lot to thank engineers for

With the theme “Engineers Make a World of Difference” engineers all over the world unite on the 24th February for Global Day of the Engineer, to build worldwide awareness and support for the engineering profession and ensure people know that engineers make the world a better place.

Engineers Australia is using Global Day of the Engineer as an opportunity to say thank you to innovative engineers everywhere for the contribution they have made to make our everyday lives better and brighter. On our social media pages we will be sharing the innovations we are most thankful for and we are encouraging you to get involved.

Join us in celebration by sharing a photo or video of your response to our question: What would you thank an engineer for?

Share your contribution on social media and include our official hashtags: #thankanengineer and #globalengineer. If you don’t have a social media account, complete this submission form and we’ll upload it on your behalf.

Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where we’ll be sharing your best posts.



I want to thank an #Engineer for WiFi... What will you thank an #Engineer for? Share your photos #thankanengineer & #globalengineer

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I want to thank an #Engineer for @Google... What will you thank an #Engineer for? Share your photos #thankanengineer & #globalengineer

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