Division Governance

Division Committee 2013

The Division Committee, led by the Division President, governs and guides the Division. The Division Committee: determines the strategies of the Division in pursuing Engineers Australia’s objectives; provides leadership and direction to the division groups, division office bearers and division volunteers; provides advice to Council on behalf of the members of the Division; and provides a public voice for Engineers Australia within the Division.

If you would like to contact a member of the Division Committee, please contact the WA Division office on 08 9321 3340. Written correspondence should be addressed to the Division Committee member C/O Engineers Australia and sent to 712 Murray Street, West Perth WA 6005.

Helen Pedersen FIEAust CPEng
Division President

Will Neethling TFIEAust CEngT
Deputy President
Barry Tonkin FIEAust CPEng
Past President


Rob Rowbottam FIEAust CPEng
DABWA Representative
Prof Mark Bush FIEAust CPEng
DABWA Deputy Chair
Paul Copland TMIEAust CEngT
Engineering Techs/Assocs Representative


Francis Norman AFIEAust CEngA      
Committee Member
Fadi Dorkhom MIEAust CPEng             
Committee Member
Richard Atkinson FIEAust CPEng
Committee Member


Angus Jeffrey GradIEAust
Committee Member
Sebastian Bunney MIEAust
Young Engineers Representative
Jolanta Szymakowski MIEAust
Women in Engineering Representative


Division Advisory Board Western Australia (DABWA) 2013

The Division Advisory Board (DABWA) brings together and represents the wider interests of the members and provides advice to the Division Committee. It comprises the Chairs of each of the Division subcommittees, Panels, Societies, and Special Interest Groups, together with National College Representatives, Country Group Chairpersons and members of the Division Committee.

Rob Rowbottam FIEAust CPEng

Helen Pedersen FIEAust CPEng             
Division President & Education Sub-committee

Leanne Hardwicke
Division Director

Barry Tonkin FIEAust CPEng     
Past President

John Ruprecht FIEAust CPEng 
Policy Subcommittee

Andrew Morgan               
Asset Management Council

Eric Hudson-Smith MIEAust         
Australasian Tunelling Society (ATS)

Hamish Nelson MIEAust CPEng        
Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS)

Ed Scull HonFIEAust CPEng

Doug Aberle FIEAust CPEng  
Centre for Engineering Leadership & Management

Dongke Zhang FIEAust CPEng  
Chemical Panel

Alice Cargeeg GradIEAust   
Civil College

Murray Jorgensen FIEAust CPEng         
Coastal, Ocean and Port Engineering Panel

Leo Coci MIEAust CPEng           
Construction Panel         

Paul Andriessen MIEAust CPEng          
Electrical Engineering Panel (EEP)

Mark Bush FIEAust CPEng        
Engineering Hertitage WA

Katrina Bukauskas GradIEAust   
Engineers Without Borders

Neil Coles           
Hydrology and Water Resources Panel

David Karr FIIE MIEAust CPEng         
Industrial Engineering Society

Peter Mauger MIEAust  
Information, Telecommunication and Electronics Engineering (ITEE)

Namvar Yaghooti MIEAust CPEng            
International Engineers Group

Daniel Norton FIEAust CPEng  
Joint Electrical Electronic Papers (JEEP)                   

Eric Lau MIEAust CPEng
Mechanical Branch         

Julie Morgan     
Oil & Gas Facilities Group

Graham Holden               
Railway Technical Society of Australasia

Mike Corboy FIEAust CPEng    
Retired Engineers Group

Brian Truman CompIEAust   
Risk Engineering Society (RES)

Warrick Brown MIEAust CPEng 
Society of Building Services Engineers

Shan Sureshan MIEAust CPEng
Society for Sustainability and Environmental Engineering (SSEE)

Geoffrey Roy FIEAust CPEng   
Software Engineering Forum (SEF)

Raph Woon MIEAust CPEng      
Structures Panel

Paul Copland TMIEAust CEngT   
Technologists and Associates    

Chris Fitzhardinge FIEAust CPEng          
Transport Panel

Jolanta Szymakowski     
Women in Engineering

Paul Rainsford  
Young Engineers Western Australia

Jonathan Visser GradIEAust              
Boddington Group

Bronwyn Roberts MIEAust           
Central Wheatbelt

Mark Saunders GradIEAust
Dampier Combined Group

Andries Venter TMIEAust
Goldfields Group

Alan Millar MIEAust CPEng         
Great Southern Group

David MacFarlane OMIEAust          
MidWest Group              

Andrew Tennent MIEAust CPEng             
Peel Group

Jawed Din MIEAust CPEng         
Port Hedland Country Group

Roy Carew MIEAust CPEng        
South West Group

Technical Societies     Committees & Panels