Awards Open for Nomination


Australian Council of Engineering Deans National Award for Engineering Education Excellence

Awarded for demonstrated excellence in Engineering Education, which may include curriculum design, student support, peer support, or other significant initiatives with enduring positive impact. This award is intended to recognise significant and sustained contributions to Australasian Engineering Education.

Award for Engineering Education Research Design

Awarded for fostering an excellent standard of successful engagement with stakeholders in Australasian Engineering Education, such as colleagues, industry, and students. The award recognises a collegiate approach to quality learning and teaching practice and/or research and a sharing of educational expertise.

Award for Engineering Education Engagement

Award for rigorous, innovative and transferable research design in the field of Engineering Education.
Applicants may be individuals or small teams.



David Dewhurst Award

The David Dewhurst Award is awarded annually to a member of the Biomedical engineering team who has made a significant contribution to the discipline.

Women in Biomedical Engineering Scholarship

The Women in Biomedical Engineering Scholarship acknowledges and promotes a female Biomedical Engineer who is making an outstanding contribution to her profession and professional community.

Young Biomedical Engineering Conference Paper & Poster Prize

These prizes are given to young biomedical engineers based upon their paper or poster presentation at the Australian Biomedical Engineering Conference (ABEC). Students are required to submit an abstract through the ABEC Conference 'Call for Abstracts' site. During this process the nominee is to specify which prize they are submitting the abstract for.

Nominations close Monday, 16 September 2019




Chemeca Medal

This is the most prestigious award in the chemical engineering profession in New Zealand and Australia. It is awarded to a prominent New Zealand or Australian Chemical Engineer who has made an outstanding contribution, through achievement or service, to the practice of Chemical Engineering in its widest sense and who continues to serve the profession. The recipient of the Award is invited to present a plenary lecture at the annual Chemeca conference.

Caltex Award

Recognising outstanding achievements in the teaching of chemical engineering. The candidate must be a member of Engineers Australia, IChemE, Engineering New Zealand or RACI. This award is sponsored by Caltex Australia Petroleum Pty Ltd.

ExxonMobil Award

This award recognises the application of ingenuity and technical knowledge in developing practical solutions to problems or opportunities. The candidate must be a member of Engineers Australia, IChemE, Engineering New Zealand or RACI

This award is sponsored by ExxonMobil.

Fonterra Award

Recognises outstanding contributions in the industrial application of novel technology in the bioprocessing field from a chemical engineer in New Zealand or Australia. Achievements may be in a technical or management field. The candidate must be a member of Engineers Australia, IChemE, Engineering New Zealand or RACI

This award is sponsored by Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited.

IChemE Safety Centre Award

Recognises an organisation that has an exemplary record in implementing process safety best practice and improvements to reduce major hazards and risks. Entries may include a structured programme – such as HAZOP, PHR, PSM – or technology to minimise risk in operating practices and human factors. The winner of this Award can qualify as a finalist for the IChemE Global Process Safety Award.

This award is sponsored by the Institution of Chemical Engineers Safety Centre.

The Chemical Engineering Research Excellence Award Sponsored by University of Sydney

This award recognises significant ongoing contributions to chemical engineering research through innovation, related publications or high impact commercial outcomes.

This award is sponsored by University of Sydney.

The thyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions Medal & Prize

Recognises practical services to the profession and to the practice of chemical engineering in New Zealand or Australia. Achievements may be in technical, marketing or management fields. Nominations can be made either by individuals themselves or by nomination from others. The candidate must be a member of Engineers Australia, IChemE, Engineering New Zealand or RACI and must be under 40 years of age.    

This award is sponsored by thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions.

Nominations close Friday, 21 June 2019



John A Brodie Medal

The John A Brodie Medal is named in honour of Mr J A Brodie, who was Chief Engineer with Union Carbide. He established the reputation as a leading industrial innovator in Australia, having been responsible for the design and construction of polyethylene film extrusion units, the manufacture of bakelite and a continuous crystallization plant known as the Brodie Purifier. He won several international awards for his inventions, and he also won the Prince Philip Award for Australian Design. Mr Brodie was a Councillor of the Institution from 1967 to 1971.

The John A Brodie Medal is awarded by Engineers Australia for the best paper in the discipline of chemical engineering presented at the Chemeca Conference, at any other conference sponsored by Engineers Australia or at a Engineers Australia Chemical branch meeting.


Sir John Holland Civil Engineer of the Year 

Civil Engineers make a major contribution to our quality of life through the integral role they play in the provision of services and facilities for the general benefit of the community. They are also responsible for much of the infrastructure that impacts on our daily lives and play an important role in bringing about a more sustainable future for Australia.

The Sir John Holland Award for Civil Engineer of the Year provides a high profile focus on engineering achievement and serves as both a showcase for civil engineering and a focus for young people interested in pursuing a career in engineering.

This prestigious award is presented annually by the Civil College of Engineers Australia.

This award is proudly sponsored by John Holland



Award of Merit

Engineering Heritage Australia established in 2003 an award called the Award Of Merit for Engineering Heritage. This award compliments the Monash Medal, which is an award for "outstanding achievement in Engineering Heritage".

The Award of Merit is aimed at recognising and showing appreciation for outstanding service to people who make significant contributions to the cause of engineering heritage, in a variety of ways, mostly as volunteers and often over many years

Nominations are always open for the Award of Merit




Most Ambitious Company in Gender Diversity

Most Encouraging Student or Non Profit Group in Gender Diversity

Most Outstanding Company in Gender Diversity

The Gender Diversity awards promote national engineering excellence and the contribution women in engineering make to the community. These awards seek to identify, recognise and reward companies that strive towards national engineering excellence in encouraging gender diversity.

Nominations close Friday, 12 July 2019




Kevin Stark Award

The Kevin Stark Memorial Award was established in 1993 in honour and memory of the Late Professor Kevin Percy Stark of James Cook University, following his untimely death in 1989. The Award recognises excellence in coastal and ocean engineering, especially from a multi-disciplinary approach.
This award was established to foster and encourage excellence in coastal and ocean engineering in Australia across the full range of professional practice, research and teaching.

Applications for the Kevin Stark award are undertaken during the process of submitting an abstract for the biennial Australasian Coasts & Ports Conference.

For more information please email about the Kevin Stark Award please email: [email protected] 



Annual Rail Scholarship 

The Annual Rail Scholarship is offered annually to professionals and technicians who work in the rail industry in Australasia for at least two years and are desirous of attaining a higher level of qualification by attending a university course that is relevant to their work either at graduate or undergraduate level.

Nomination for this award open 15 May 2019 close 28 June 2019 

Download the 2019 Annual Rail Scholarship Nomination Form 


Graduate Engineers Award

The Graduate Engineer Award is made to professional railway practitioners whose degree has been conferred within the previous four years.

Nomination for this award open 15 May 2019 close 28 June 2019 

Download the 2019 Graduate Engineer Award Nomination Form 


Young Railway Engineer Award 

The Young Railway Engineer Award rewards outstanding young professionals up to the age of 35.

Nomination for this award open 15 May 2019 close 28 June 2019 

Download the 2019 Young Railway Engineer Award Nomination Form




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