About Nominations and Elections

Information about nominations and the elections process.

Engineers Australia is an organisation where many members contribute their knowledge and time to provide leadership in many key areas. In accordance with governance processes, nominations and elections is your chance to get involved.

The call for nominations is held every year. Eligible members may nominate for Board Directors, Division Committee, College Boards and National Congress vacancies.

Voting is managed by an External Service Provider, BoardRoom Pty Limited, and Engineers Australia Chief Executive Officer Stephen Durkin FIEAust as the Returning Officer. Elements of the nomination process are also managed by the External Service Provider.

The Nomination and Election period will operate from Tuesday 14 June to 5.00pm AEST Friday 30 September 2016 across all Divisions.

The Board Director Nomination period will commence on Tuesday 14 June and continue through to 5:00pm (EST) 29 July 2016.

The nomination process will be online only. Candidates who are unable to complete the nomination process online should contact their Division Office for assistance. Please note the nominee must NOT be the same person as the proposer or seconder.

Elections have now closed

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to participate in the 2016 elections, a member must:

(a) not be a Student, Companion or Affiliate member


(b) not be in arrears, having either:

  • paid in full the applicable 2016-17 membership subscriptions (by 12 August 2016), or
  • made arrangements for periodic payments of their 2016-17 membership subscriptions, and these periodic payments due to date having been paid (by 12 August 2016), or
  • been granted free subscriptions for 40 years of membership, or
  • been granted and paid in full, a concession for the 2016-17 membership subscriptions, or
  • been granted a full membership exemption from membership subscriptions, or
  • be an Honorary Fellow, or
  • had their 2016-17 subscriptions formally waived

(c) be a member of the Division in which the vacancy occurs (for Division Committee Elections)


Division Committee

A person is eligible to nominate as a candidate for a Division Committee if the person:

  • Is a voting member at the nomination closing time for the election
  • Has not been nominated for more than one other position or office in the same election (therefore only 2 positions can be held concurrently)
  • Is a member of the division at that time
  • Must have demonstrated experience as an office bearer or volunteer in Engineers Australia or similar professional association
  • Note tenure restrictions – 6 years in total (2 + 2 re-elections)
  • Must complete WHS Office Bearer Induction

College Boards

A person is eligible to nominate as a candidate for a College Board if the person:

  • Is a voting member at the nomination closing time for the election
  • Is a Chartered member of the College at that time
  • Must have demonstrated experience as an office bearer or volunteer in Engineers Australia or similar professional association
  • Note tenure restrictions – 6 years in total (2 + 2 re-elections)
  • Must complete WHS Office Bearer Induction
  • (Vacancy is not Division specific)

National Congress

This year there are five National Congress delegate positions open for nomination and election with important eligibility limitations. Please refer to National Congress page for information regarding eligibility.

Board Directors

Refer to the Director Skills and Attributes and Candidate Brief

Board Directors

Thank you for your interest - Nominations are now closed

Two director positions are advertised for election to the Board of Engineers Australia.

The election will be held at National Congress in Brisbane during November 2016.

Successful candidates will be appointed for a three-year term, from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2019.

The nominations and election process is under the oversight of a joint Board - National Congress Nominations Committee, which will remain at arms-length from all candidates throughout the nominations and election period.

If you have any questions, please email elections@engineersaustralia.org.au.


Engineers Australia will make every endeavour to adhere to the procedures in this candidate brief, but reserves the right to revise the procedures at its sole discretion. Any changes will be designed to minimise inconvenience to candidates.


Any member of Engineers Australia is eligible to be nominated. Employees of Engineers Australia are ineligible to be members of the Board.

Key Milestones

14 June: Nomination period to open.

29 July: Board Director Nomination period to Close.

26 Aug: Initial shortlisted candidates (and non-selected candidates) to be notified. Nominations Committee to seek referee statements for shortlisted candidates.

9 Sep: Referee statements due to be lodged.

23 Sep: Referees may be contacted in person by the Nominations Committee up to this date.

7 Oct: Final shortlist candidates (and non-selected candidates) to be notified. Shortlisted candidates will be subsequently interviewed by the 2017 Board.

21 Oct: Election candidate statements and CV's to be lodged.

22 Nov: Candidates will be given the opportunity to present to National Congress, to be followed by the election. Results reported to National Congress (and Candidates) as soon as possible that day.

8 Dec: Results of process advised to the AGM pursuant to By-law 20.3 (d).

Recommended Director Skills and Attributes

Role-Related Attributes
Intending candidates should refer to the Director Skills and Attributes and Director Candidate Brief 2016 documents.

The 2016 Board has determined that for 2017, Engineers Australia encourages applications from engineers, technologists and associates who have board-level commercial acumen and can demonstrate skills / experience relating to one or more of the following:

  • Future industries and the changing role of engineers / change management.
  • Innovation / start-ups / marketing & branding / digital engagement (especially social media).
  • Influencer at industry, business, government or academic level.
  • Young and diverse member orientation.

Time Commitment
Please note that the Board will typically be expected to meet 5 times per year (including strategy workshops as required). There will also likely be out of session commitments as required.

As members of Congress, directors are also expected to typically attend 1 half day induction video conference, 1 full day mid year video conference and 1 two day face-to-face meeting in November. This is in addition to meeting preparation time and time devoted to Board sub-committee work.


Candidates may request clarification on aspects of the nomination process. All such requests are to be initially directed to the General Manager SGI. At the discretion of the Board Directions Nominations Committee, the clarifications may be added to this candidate brief.

Director's Duties

Engineers Australia is incorporated by Royal Charter and is not required to register as a company under the Corporations Act. Nevertheless, the provisions of the Corporations Act which set out the statutory duties of directors, officers and employees apply to Engineers Australia in the same way as to companies registered under the Corporations Act.

Composition of Board 2017

Candidates are advised that diversity in the composition of the 2017 Board will be taken into account in the shortlisting process.


Board Directors are now remunerated. Further information regarding this aspect is available from the Board Nominations Chair.

Corporate Documents / Candidate Due Diligence

Applicants should consider the following corporate documents which can be found on the Board Directors Resources page:

Earlier Annual Reports and the current 2011 Royal Charter and By-laws may be accessed here.

Access to records of recent Board proceedings will not be made available in the initial application phase. These may be made available to final election short list candidates, subject to Board approval and the signing of a confidentiality agreement by the candidate.

Initial Application

You are invited to submit the following using the NOMINATE button at the top of this page no later than 5pm AEST Friday 29 July 2016.

Initial Shortlist

If your candidacy is selected for the initial shortlist, your two nominated referees will be requested by 26 August 2016 to lodge confidential returns by no later than 5pm AEST Friday 9 September 2016.

Final Shortlist

If your candidacy is selected to proceed to the final election shortlist, you will receive a request by 9 October for lodgement of a candidate statement and standardised format CV by 5pm AEST Friday 23 October.

Acceptance of Submissions

Acknowledgment will be provided by return email of all applications and submissions received. The Returning Officer may reject any submission on the ground that it contains false, misleading, deceptive or defamatory matter.


Your initial self-assessment submission and (for initial shortlist candidates) statements lodged by your referees will remain confidential to the Board Directors Nominations Committee and to essential support staff.

The statements and CVs submitted by candidates shortlisted for the election by National Congress will be provided in confidence to only those members of National Congress eligible to vote, for their personal use only.

Attendance at Election - 22 November 2016, Brisbane

Candidates shortlisted for the election may attend in person to present at National Congress in Brisbane on 22 November 2016. Alternatively, live videoconference facilities will be made available at the candidates nearest Engineers Australia Division Office. Further information on the format of the election process will be provided in due course.

Successful candidates will be required to be available to attend a Board 2016 planning and induction session in early December (venue to be advised).

National Congress

National Congress is the peak representative body of Engineers Australia with some 35 delegates representing the various groups of Engineers Australia including Divisions, Colleges, Special Interest Groups, and Technical Societies.

There are two 2016 nomination and election process pathways for vacant 2017 National Congress positions. The first is a process at Divisional Committee level for those committees whose delegates have National Congress tenures expiring on 31 December 2016. The second is restricted to nominations from Special Interest Groups (SIG) and Technical Societies; there are five positions available to these groups.

At its May 2016 meeting, National Congress determined that one of the five positions would be allocated to a delegate representing Young Engineers Australia (same nomination and election process applies). The remaining four positions are available for nominees from across the SIG and Technical Society environment, providing that the nominees meet certain conditions.

Note that the election for these positions, if required, will be open to all Engineers Australia voting members.

To nominate for the available SIG and Technical Society positions, the nominee must be:

  • A voting member of Engineers Australia;
  • A member of their respective SIG or Technical Society national committee; and
  • Be conversant with and accepting of the National Congress position description attributes and National Congress principles.

Please click on the below links for further information:

Guidance for National Congress Nominees

Nominations FAQ

What happens if insufficient nominations are received to fill the number of vacant positions?
If only 3 nominations are received for say 4 vacant positions,
then the 3 nominees are deemed elected provided they meet the eligibility criteria. The fourth position is filled by a casual vacancy process.
What if a Division wants a disproportionate number of appointed as opposed to elected positions?
EA General Regulations 4.04 (3) states that:
"At any time, a majority of the members of the Division Committee must be members elected to the Committee."
How are the President, Deputy President and Past President positions classified?
The positions of President, Deputy President and Past President are appointed by the Division Committee in office.
Some members have more than one e-mail address. Which one is selected for electronic voting?
The most current e-mail address registered for an individual member is the one that is initially selected as the preferred e-mail address for electronic voting purposes, unless otherwise specified.

If an e-mail to this e-mail address bounces, then the other e-mail addresses are used in succession. If the e-mail(s) sent to the member's listed e-mail address bounces, a postal vote is subsequently sent to the member concerned.
What is the process for determining the order of candidates' names on the ballot paper?
The order in which candidate names appear on the ballot paper is determined randomly by the external service provider. The process for random determination of the order of names on the voting form is observed by nominees of Engineers Australia.
What is the process for determining the order of candidates' names on the ballot paper?
The order in which candidate names appear on the ballot paper is determined randomly by the external service provider. The process for random determination of the order of names on the voting form is observed by nominees of Engineers Australia.
Are candidates able to appoint scrutineers?
  • A candidate may, in writing in a form approved by the returning officer, appoint a person to be a scrutineer for the candidate.
  • A scrutineer is entitled to be present at and observe the opening and counting of the paper votes, and to view the total number of votes cast electronically.
  • A scrutineer may request a demonstration of the electronic voting system but only once.
  • The returning officer must not give a scrutineer access to the individual votes used to constitute the total number of votes cast electronically.
  • A decision of the returning officer on matters relating to the scrutiny is final.
How are postnominals treated in candidate statements?
The postnominals appear on the electronic and printed forms of the Candidate Statements but are not shown on the Ballot Papers.

At the time of nomination, a candidate's title and preferred postnominals as reflected in the Engineers Australia membership register will be used and are not counted in the 500-word limit.

Candidates wishing to include additional postnominals will need to show them in the statement itself. Additional postnominals will be counted in the 500-word limit.
Why is there a word limit for candidate statements?
Candidate statements are included in the ballot paper. Standardisation of candidate statements satisfies ballot paper formatting and printing requirements.

The variety and voluminous nature of some candidate statements render them unsuitable for inclusion on the ballot paper. With an ever increasing number of candidates for some positions the word-limit for candidate statements will be kept under review.
Board director positions are quite different to the other positions. Why are they being advertised together?
Because any voting member may nominate for election to the Board, and it's more member-friendly to include the call for nominations at the same time, rather than in a separate communication. The nominations and election processes are quite different - refer to the Director Candidate Brief.
My query on board directors isn't in this FAQ list. How do I get an answer?
By email to elections@engineersaustralia.org.au with the subject header "Director Candidate Query". The query topic may be used to update the general Director Candidate Brief.
Not sure if you meet the criteria?
Email: elections@engineersaustralia.org.au with your query.


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