Hydrocarbon and Energy Transition Group

The aim of the WA Hydrocarbon and Energy Transition Group is to develop, promote and support professional development of engineers in the sector.

The group provides forums for communication between engineers and other stakeholders related to the hydrocarbon and energy transition sector.

Participation in the group’s activities is a good way to maintain knowledge and skills in the wide variety of activities. There is also the opportunity of meeting a wide range of contacts.

The group holds regular technical presentations at the Perth Engineers Australia offices. The committee encourages participation by members and welcomes any suggestions for technical presentations or plant visits.

Our aim is to be the "voice of the profession", in three key areas:

  • Community Engagement
  • Legislations and Regulations
  • Industry/Member engagement
  • Chair: Sampanth Munaweera
  • Vice Chair: Haura Hussaini
  • Standard Committee Member: Partha Dev, Australian Chair of ISO Technical Committee 67 (subcommittee 7 - offshore structures)

The group also has a mentoring program, you can read more about it here.

Mentoring Update - How do YOU define success?

Mentoring Update - Networking!

For more information please contact: [email protected]

  • Explosion modelling in Oil and Gas
  • Latest developments in Subsea compression/boosting
  • Perth as a Global Centre of Excellence for LNG
  • Subsea Processing
  • Modular Construction for Australia Onshore Oil & Gas
  • Learnings from Pluto LNG: Remote Support
  • Subsea Inspection and Reliability
  • Advanced Process Control
  • Reducing the Energy of Low Frequency Noise
  • Lower Cost Gas Development Concepts using Advanced Subsea Processing
  • Counterintuitive Outcomes of Explosion Mitigation Measures
  • Drivers, Challenges and Solutions for FLNG
  • Complementary use of CFD and OLGA
  • FPSO Design Strategies to Improve Operability
  • Australian Coal Bed Methane: Principles and Development Challenges
  • FPSO Revamp for a Marginal Field
  • Maximising Facilities Productivity Through Availability Improvement
  • Rules of Thumb for Screening LNG Developments
  • The Days in the Life of a Saturation Diver Working 150m Below the Sea's Surface
  • Carbon Capture & Storage
  • Tank Coating Technologies for Aggressive Storage
  • Where to From Here - Oil & Gas WA Technical Presentation