United Kingdom Chapter

Supporting our members who work and live in the United Kingdom.

About Engineers Australia's United Kingdom Chapter

The UK Chapter aims to provide support, advice and a social network so that members of Engineers Australia can make the most of their engineering experience in the United Kingdom.

The Chapter holds a number of technical and social events throughout the year which are becoming increasingly popular and well-attended.

Along with tours and chartered seminars, the highlight of the calendar is the annual Christmas soiree held in conjunction with the Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) at the Australian and New Zealand High Commissions in London.

The Chapter is run by a committee of dedicated volunteers and always welcomes new members.

View our upcoming events here


President Nicola Telcik
Vice President Stuart Marsh
Secretary Tianca McHenry
Treasurer Robert Vozila
Past President Benjamin Ting
Committee Members Kevin Manley
  Drew Woodbridge
  Jan Tran
  James Bunn
  Luke Cummins
  Tony Luong
  Jarred Williams
  Barry Moore
  Tom William Hill
  Clinton McHenry
  Richard Kim


Email: uk@engineersaustralia.org.au
Events: [email protected]


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