Engineering, non-essential activity and going to work

Can I go to work?

Social distancing rules, and rules on the size of gatherings must always be followed by everyone. Government advice can change quickly, so please stay abreast of announcements via media and official statements in your state or territory.


Non-essential activity in the COVID-19 context

While there is legislation that defines ‘essential services’, in the current context we must focus on what the government is currently saying.

On 24 March, the Commonwealth announced further restrictions on social gatherings and reiterated limits on ‘non-essential gatherings’:

Overall, if your work is not listed as a “non-essential activity or business” that has been specifically restricted, then you can currently continue to do your work. Social distancing rules, and rules on the size of gatherings, apply to everyone. Where possible, people are strongly encouraged to do their work from home.


Will Engineers Australia advocate for engineering to be exempted from future restrictions for non-essential activity?

If Governments see merit in forcing most industry to shut down based on health advice to address COVID-19, Engineers Australia is not considering arguments for exemptions beyond already-legislated essential services.


For engineers based overseas

For members currently overseas, we recommend that you listen to the instructions of your local authorities.