Chemical College Western Australia

The Western Australia branch of the Chemical College.

About the Chemical College in Western Australia


  • Improve the public image of chemical engineering and the value of chartered status.
  • Develop, promote and support professional development of chemical engineers.
  • Provide forums for communication between chemical engineers and other stakeholders in chemical engineering.


Prof Dong-ke Zhang FIEAust CPEng

Technical program

The WA Chemical Branch operates a joint technical program with the Institution of Chemical Engineers in Australia (IChemE). The program typically consists of 2-3 student events held at Curtin University, 3-4 technical presentations usually held at Engineers Australia and 1-2 plant visits.

Why you should be involved

The joint committee encourages participation by members in panel activities and welcomes any suggestions for technical presentations or plant visits.

Participation in chemical panel activities is a good way to maintain knowledge and skills in the wide variety of activities that make up chemical engineering. There is also the opportunity of meeting a wide range of contacts.

Branch notices

Notices for events are predominantly sent out by email and are also occasionally advertised in the division newsletter and weekly email.


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