Electrical College Queensland

The Queensland branch of the Electrical College.

About the Electrical College in Queensland

The main activities conducted by the Queensland Electrical Branch include:

  • Maintaining current knowledge on developments in engineering competencies and emerging engineering disciplines.
  • Co-operating and collaborating with relevant technical societies, Learned Societies Advisory Committee (LSAC) and other constituent bodies of Engineers Australia.
  • Arranging technical conferences, symposia, and meetings, as well as the preparation of learned and other publications to provide members with CPD opportunities.

The Queensland Electrical Branch arranges and provides:

  • Policy proposals and comments to government and industry
  • Awards and prizes to encourage excellence
  • Sponsorship activities that promote engineering as an interesting and rewarding career
  • Research and development input
  • Recognition of the outstanding achievements of members.

Committee Members

  • Chair: Mark Spinks
  • Vice-Chair: Kerry Williams
  • Immediate Past Chair: Bryan Cheetham
  • Secretary: Justin Read
  • Asfaneh Narimani Zamanaba
  • Aileen Jenkins
  • Angel Caceres Rincon
  • Bernard Hayes
  • Brian O'Neill
  • David Turner
  • Gustavo Chamusca de Azevedo
  • Keith Callaghan
  • Mark Lendich
  • Martin Hoelscher
  • Tapan Saha
  • Viswa Easwaran


For further information about the Electrical College committee please see our web page


Past Chairs of Engineers Australia Queensland Electrical Branch

From 1966 to 1977, it was known as the Electrical and Communications Branch. From 1978 to date, it has been known as the Electrical Branch.

1966 Phillip M HOSKEN *
1967 Eric SANDS  
1968 Alan B POULSEN  
1969 Keith F PRICE  
1970 John G BARTLETT  
1971 Graham E LITTLER  
1972 Des M DENT  
1973 Brian J BECCONSALL  
1974 Allan G PARK  
1975 Neville B DEARLOVE  
1976 Mike A SARGENT  * #
1977 Arthur HARDWOOD  
1978 A G B (George) JOUGHIN  
1979 A P (Fred) NICOLOSI  
1980 E J (Joe) ABERCROMBIE * #

1981, 82, 87
2013, 14

David R TURNER  
1983 Jm M SIMMERS  
1984-85 Graeme BURKETT  
1986 John E OWER  
1988 Alan G PEINIGER  
1989 John M SAUNDERS  
1990 Rod H GOLDING  
1991 John YOUNG *
1992 Gerry SHANNON  
1993 Mark FALLON  
1994 Merv GREEN ##
1995-96 Pat PEARL ##
1997 Peter O'BRIEN  
1998 Rick BAILEY  
1999 Ljubo VLACIC **
2000 Paul GRANVILLE  
2001 David BIRTWHISTLE  
2002 Simon ELLIS  
2003-04 Mark BLUNDELL ##
2005 Dave ALLAN  
2006-07 Kim BOYD  
2008 Rod GOLDING  
2009-11 Keith CALLAGHAN  
2012 Tapan SAHA  
2015-16 Mark LENDICH * ##
2017-18 Bryan CHEETHAM  
2019 Mark SPINKS  


* Engineers Australia Queensland - Chairman/President
# National President - Engineers Australia
## National Chair - Electrical College
** National Chair - Information, Telecommunications, Electronics, Engineering College (ITEE)


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