Electrical College Western Australia

The Western Australia branch of the Electrical College.

About the Electrical College Western Australia

Aims of the Electrical Engineering Panel

Focus areas

  • Identify Engineers Australia WA, Electrical Engineers professional interests and needs.
  • Develop and maintain a balanced technical program with particular regard to those areas not adequately covered by kindred societies and organisations.
  • Facilitate a framework for professional networking and promote participation in all Electrical College and Engineers Australia activities.
  • Actively promote the Profession of Electrical Engineering within Western Australia through industry, government, professional groups, employers / engineering companies, engineers and educators.


  • Maintain the interest of our primary audience - electrical engineers.
  • Conduct 10 technical sessions or relevant CPD activities per year, jointly with JEEP. Sessions not to be held in January or December.
  • Identify and build effective relationships with other kindred interest groups.
  • Organise relevant technical conferences - approximately every second year.


Chairperson Mr. Neil Midolo MIEAust CPEng
EA Electrical College Board - WA Representative Ms Tiina Ratamo FIEAust CPEng
JEEP Technical Program Coordinator Mr Dan Norton FIEAust CPEng
Committee members Mr Albert Koenig FIEAust CPEng
  Mr Andrew Martin MIEAust
  Mr Andrew Yuncken FIEAust CPEng
  Ms. Julia Lee MIEAust CPEng
  Ms Margaret Watroba FIEAust CPEng
  Mr Robert Del Bianco MIEAust CPEng
  Mr Steven Nadj MIEAust CPEng
  Mr Tony Hollingsworth FIEAust CPEng
  Mr Stephen Brown FIEAust CPEng
  Mr Peter Willis MIEAust CPEng
  Mr Michael Meehan MIEAust CPEng
  Mr Jose Duarte MIEAust CPEng

Joint Electrical Electronic Papers (JEEP) / Joint Technical Papers Committee (JTPC)

In Western Australia, it has been agreed that the three professional engineering Institutions (Engineers Australia [Electrical & ITEE Colleges], IEE, and IEEE) shall present a joint annual program for the presentation of electrical engineering papers. The JEEP program comprises 10 papers, which includes time for networking at the Division offices and an occasional site visit.

Electrical licensing

If you wish to carry out electrical work in Western Australia you must hold the correct electrical licence for the work.

If you wish to contract for, or carry out electrical work for a fee or reward, you need to apply for an electrical contractor licence. Please contact:

Energy Safety WA
Department of Consumer and Employment Protection

They can address all regulatory matters, including electrical licensing, equipment safety, installations/inspections and supply for general industry

Website: http://www.energysafety.wa.gov.au

Phone: 08 9422 5200

Fax: 08 9422 5244

Email: [email protected]

Why you should be involved

Participation in the activities of the Electrical Engineering Panel is encouraged. Participation will facilitate the development of you and the profession by:

  • expanding the range of contacts of participants
  • improving the participants' knowledge and skills
  • becoming a unified voice for the industry on matters of common interest.


The Electrical Engineering Panel meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 712 Murray Street, West Perth at 5.45pm sharp. Details of technical forums, presentations and seminars are listed in the Division newsletter, Engineering WA. Members of the Engineers Australia and others interested in Electrical Engineering are always welcome.


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