Structural College Western Australia

The Western Australia branch of the Structural College.

About the Structural College Western Australia

We seek to encourage people working in the field of structural engineering to become active participants in its affairs. The Panel promotes the special interests of structural engineers within the institution.

The activities of the Panel are managed by a committee drawn from various industry sectors, such as commercial and general construction and offshore engineering. The Panel includes senior and younger engineers and organises a range of activities throughout the year. These include talks, field visits, seminars, short courses and training workshops.

2016 Structures Panel Office Bearers

Naelan Lal, Aurecon

Vice Chairperson
Tania Perpoli, BG&E

Deputy Chairperson
Sean de Prazer, Building Commission

Deanna Bramwell, BG&E

Past Chairperson
Raph Woon

Committee members

  • Andrew Sanderson, Structerre
  • Harry Backes, CCAA
  • Geoff Boughton, TimberED Services
  • Geoff Gaynor, Inter Engineering
  • Hong Hao, Curtin University
  • James England, Australian Steel Institute
  • Mark Rea, Pritchard Francis
  • Peter Coughlan, BG&E
  • Rob Rowbottam, Structural Engineer
  • Willie Drummy, Jacobs
  • William Houghton, GHD
  • Hesham Abdelfattah, Western Power
  • Peter de San Miguel, Structural Integrity Engineering
  • Attilio Marra, Engineering Design Consultancy

Technical Program 2016

February Presenter: Marc Woodward, Senior Principal Geotechnical Engineer, CMW
Download here
March Timber Design and Detailing for Durability.
Presenter: Geoff Boughton
Find out more here
April Stress - challenged structures and their message to us
Presenter: Dr Abhiram Gopinath, Principal Structural Engineer, GHD
Find out more here
June (9) Very Large Floating Structure Tecnhology for Land Creation on the Sea
Presenter: Prof. C M Wang
Find out more here
June (16) Innovations in the Design and Construction of Teeroff Beam Bridges
Presenters: Les Smit, Principal Structural Engineer, GHD
Benny Man, Senior Structural Engineer
Find out more here
July Weld Quality Management - the Changing Face of Welding
Presenter: Louise Petrick MEng CMatP IWE
August New Perth Stadium
September CCAA Presentation
October TBC
November Elizabeth Quay Footbridge
December University Night
Find out more here

Why you should be involved

Participation in the Panel's activities facilitates your professional development by:

  • expanding your network of professional contacts in the structures field
  • contributing to your skills and widening your knowledge.

The Panel welcomes ideas and contributions from anyone interested in structural engineering. Please feel free to contact a committee member at any time.

We encourage you to join the Engineers Australia LinkedIn Group and Structural Engineers LinkedIn Group.


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