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About the award

In recognition of Doug Foster's contribution to Australian coastal engineering, the National Committee on Coastal & Ocean Engineering created the Doug N. Foster Memorial Fellowship Fund in September 2001.

A Professor at University of NSW (UNSW) and an expert in his chosen engineering specialisation of Water, Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Doug was a founding member of the Engineers Australia National Committee on Coastal and Ocean Engineering (NCCOE), which was established in 1971. Doug served on NCCOE until 1985, during which time he was Deputy Chairman from 1979 to 1981 and subsequently Chairman from 1981 to 1983. He was a member of IEAust from 1960 until 1998.

The award is presented to encourage engineering students to pursue career opportunities in coastal and/or ocean engineering. Up to four Awards will be offered to students who are in their final two year of their first engineering degree at the time of the biennal Australasian Coasts & Ports Conference. The award provides the opportunity for students to attend the Australasian Coasts & Ports Conference.

The inaugural presentation of the Award(s) coincided with the Australasian Coasts & Ports Conference in Auckland in September 2003.

The next Australasian Coasts and Ports Conference is being held in Christchurch, New Zealand from 30 November - 3 December 2021. Please visit Australasian Coasts and Ports Conference 2021: Te oranga takutai – Adapt and Thrive for more information.

Eligibility criteria

Nominees are required to submit:

  • a single A4 page outlining why they should receive the award to develop their interest in Coastal and/or Ocean engineering
  • a copy of their academic record, and
  • a reference in support of the application from an appropriate academic staff member of the enrolling institution.

Terms and conditions

  • Nominees must be engineering students in the final two years of their first engineering degree (at the time of the conference) enrolled at an Australian university, who are Australian citizens or permanent residents.
  • Nominees must be available to attend the Australasian Coasts and Ports Conference related to the award.
  • The award is presented at each Australasian Coasts and Ports Conference, held approximately at two-year intervals.
  • Applications for the award will be called for in conjunction with the call for papers for the conference.
  • Responsibility for selecting the recipient(s) rests with the National Committee on Coastal & Ocean Engineering.
  • The number of students receiving the award from year to year may vary based on available funds (maximum of 4).

Submission guidelines

You must provide the following with your submission:

  • Completed Nomination Form.
  • Copy of their academic record.
  • Nominee’s current CV including employment history and achievements.
  • Nominee’s current biographical information.
  • Nominee's portrait photo.

Nominations close Friday, 13 August 2021.

Download the D.N. Foster Award nomination form (152KB PDF)

Presentation of award

The successful candidates will be announced prior to the conference. Each student winning an Award will receive a free registration and up to $1000 worth of travel and accommodation to attend the Australasian Coasts & Ports Conference.

Past Winners

D. N. Foster award - Honour Roll.


About this award

The Kevin Stark Memorial Award was established in 1993 in honour and memory of the Late Professor Kevin Percy Stark of James Cook University, following his untimely death in 1989. The Award recognises excellence in coastal and ocean engineering, especially from a multi-disciplinary approach.

The award was established to foster and encourage excellence in coastal and ocean engineering in Australia across the full range of professional practice, research and teaching. The inaugural award was made on 24th August 1993 in Townsville at the 11th Australasian Conference on Coastal and Ocean Engineering.

Applications for the Kevin Stark award are undertaken during the process of submitting an abstract for the Biennial Australasian Coasts & Ports Conference (now Australasian Coasts & Ports Conference series).

For more information on the Kevin Stark award, please contact Engineers Australia's Program Manager - Awards.

Award criteria

All papers that are submitted to the Australasian Coasts & Ports Conference will be considered for this award. There is no formal entry process; all papers accepted for the conference will be assessed against the listed criterion by a panel of reviewers and oral presentations assessed by a subcommittee of the NCCOE. The NCCOE reserves the right not to make the Award in the event that no suitable candidate is available.

The papers are assessed on the following criteria:

  • potential contribution to the state of knowledge and practice
  • the extent of multi-disciplinary expertise applied
  • quality and clarity of the written presentation
  • the potential for fostering further enquiry, and
  • technical quality.

Presentation of the award

The presentation of the award will take place during the conference and the recipient will receive a personalised engraved medal. In the event of multiple joint authorship of the awarded paper, each individual author will receive an Award medal. Additionally, the author will be invited to submit the chosen conference publication for consideration by the editorial board of Engineers Australia, Civil Engineering Transactions Journal.

Past winners

Kevin Stark award - Honour Roll.


Contact us

For general enquiries on these awards, please contact Engineers Australia's Program Manager.