Coastal, Ocean and Port Engineering Panel (COPEP)

The Sydney branch of Coastal, Ocean and Port Engineering.

About Sydney Coastal, Ocean and Port Engineering

Coastal, Ocean and Port Engineering Panel (COPEP)

Past Committees

  • Chair: Jillian Smith
  • Secretary: Ben Modra
  • Chair: Kate Panayotou
  • Secretary: Matt Blacka
  • Chair: Alan Betts
  • Secretary: Kate Panayotou

Technical Presentations

Presentations of NSW COPEP & PIANC Half Day Seminar, 20th August 2012

NSW COPEP Presentations, 21 May 2012

Design of Transition Zone for Cement Deep Mixing for a Port Reclamation Project by Patrick Wong, 23 April 2012

The Performance of Levees During Extreme Events by Philip Smith, 19 March 2012 : Part 1, Part 2

Meetings and events

NSW COPEP holds Technical Presentations typically every 3rd Monday of the months February to November, including a half-day seminar in August.


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