Coastal, Ocean and Port Engineering Panel (COPEP) | Western Australia

The Western Australia branch of Coastal and Ocean Engineering.

About the Western Australia Coastal and Ocean Engineering Panel

The Coastal & Ocean Engineering Panel promotes the special interests of coastal and ocean engineers within Engineers Australia and aims to encourage people working in these fields to become active participants in its affairs.

As the name of the Panel implies, these interests extend from coastal engineering issues and projects, such as port developments, seawalls, breakwaters and coastal estates, to ocean engineering challenges associated with offshore oil and gas projects.

For all of these projects, the Panel is interested in the technical, theoretical, practical and environmental aspects.


The Coastal & Ocean Engineering Panel generally meets on the fourth Monday of every second month at Engineers Australia (WA Division), 712 Murray Street, West Perth. Meetings usually commence with networking over light refreshments at 5:30 pm, followed by a one-hour technical presentation at 6:00pm.

Details (dates, times, venues) of COEP Technical Sessions are circulated within Engineering WA and via the WA Division's weekly emails. Flyers for the COEP Technical Sessions are distributed from the WA Division office and are available from the WA Division website.

Members of Engineers Australia and others interested in coastal engineering issues are always welcome at Panel activities. Please contact the WA Division office if you would like to be included on the Coastal & Ocean Engineering Panel email list.


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