Heritage Engineering

Engineering Heritage and Conservation Guidelines

These guidelines have been prepared by Engineering Heritage Australia to assist professional engineers and others to discharge their responsibilities towards our engineering heritage. The guidelines complement the Environmental Principles of Engineers Australia.

This second edition of the Guidelines, first published in 1992, has been made necessary by the revision of the Burra Charter of Australia by ICOMOS in November 1999 and development of heritage practice in Australia.

The Guidelines are intended to help the engineer and heritage practitioner to understand the concept of significance of an engineered work or its elements, and also the methods available for retaining that significance during any alterations, development or demolition.

Download the EH&C Guidelines (755KB PDF)


Practice Notes

  1. Evaluation of Engineering Heritage (124KB PDF)

  2. Assessment if Engineering Heritage Items (94KB PDF)

  3. Conservation of Engineering Heritage Items (83KB PDF)

  4. Assessment of an Industrial Site (117KB PDF)

  5. Assessment and Conservation of an Inductrial Heritage Item (97KB PDF)

  6. Assessment and Conservation of a Timber Building (120KB PDF)

  7. Assessment and Conservation of Movable Heritage (136KB PDF)

  8. Conserving a Wheeled Steam Engine (253KB PDF)


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