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The Canberra branch of Engineering Heritage Australia.

About Engineering Heritage Canberra

Our objectives include informing and educating engineers about our engineering heritage, and promoting public awareness and understanding of the key role that engineers and engineering have played in the development of our nation and the national capital.

We encourage and organise participation by engineers in identifying the steps in the progressive development of engineering within Australia and in recording details of notable engineering works and engineers.

This is undertaken by the presentation of engineering heritage to the public through books, papers, conferences, exhibitions, museums, tours and land marking programs. The evaluation, protection and conservation of engineering heritage items and records are an important part of our role.

Canberra's Engineering heritage book


Many organisations deciding to record their nation's engineering heritage would have to research back through many centuries to achieve a comprehensive history. In Australia, and in the ACT in particular, if we start after the development of the boomerang and the bark canoe, we can assemble a record of our engineering heritage that is reasonably complete within a few generations.

In Canberra, we are fortunate that we still have people whose association with the city began in the first formative years of the National Capital. in fact, most of the authors of the chapters of this book have had a long and significant role in developing the ACT.

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2017 Committee

Chair Phillip Willis
Secretary Rob Breen
Committee     Keith Baker
  Lyndon Tilbrook
  John Kemp
  Alan Christie

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