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About Engineering Heritage Victoria

Engineering Heritage Victoria (EHV) is a special interest group of the Victoria Division of the Institution of Engineers (Australia) and Engineers Australia. Our role is to promote the achievements of engineers.

EHV conducts a range of events. Through our Guest Speakers' Program, we host five or six talks each year on specific aspects of the history and heritage of engineering. Regular trips and site-visits are conducted. All events are advertised in the EHV Newsletter and on this website.

Membership of EHV is free and open to any interested person. You do not need to be an engineer nor a member of the Institution of Engineers. To join, send an email to You will receive meeting notices, newsletters and notification of events. At present, we average slightly more than one email sent out per month.

Engineering Heritage Victoria operates through a Committee. Day to day matters are in the hands of the Chairman assisted when necessary by an executive committee.

Heritage Recognition Program

The Engineering Heritage Recognition Program, originally known as the Australian Historic Engineering Plaque Program, was established in 1984 as a means of bringing public recognition to engineering works of historic or heritage significance and to the engineers who created them.

The aims of the program are also to encourage the conservation of Australian engineering heritage, and to raise community awareness of engineering and the benefits it provides.

National Engineering Heritage Landmarks in Victoria

Engineering works and items in Victoria, already awarded National Engineering Landmarks include:

CSIRAC Computer
1949-1964 Museum of Victoria, Melbourne, VIC Jul 2004

Dartmouth Dam
1979 Mitta Mitta River, VIC Apr 2005

The Engineering Works of the River Murray
1922- Murray River, from Hume Dam, NSW/VIC to Blanchetown, SA Oct 2001

Hume Dam
1936 Murray River, NSW/VIC Apr 2005

Sale Swing Bridge
1883 Latrobe River, Sale, VIC Nov 2009

Engineering Heritage Markers in Victoria

Engineering works and items in Victoria, already awarded Historic Engineering Markers include:

Bendigo Gas Works
1860-1973 Weeroona Ave, Bendigo, VIC Sep 1995

Cassilis Hydro-Electric Scheme
1908 Victoria River, near Omeo, VIC Nov 2008

The Furphy Water Cart
1878- Wyndah Street, Shepparton, VIC Oct 1985

McKay Smithy
1885 Museum of Victoria, Melbourne, VIC Oct 1985

Spotswood Pumping Station
1897-1965 Scienceworks, Museum of Victoria, Spotswood, VIC Apr 1994

State Library Dome
1911 State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, VIC Aug 2004

Swan Hill - Murray River Road Bridge
1896 Swan Hill, Murray River, VIC/NSW May 2004

Port of Sale and Sale Navigation Canal
1883 Latrobe River, Sale, VIC Nov 2009

Further information on the Engineering Heritage Recognition Program can be obtained by email enquiry to

Cassilis Hydro-Electric Scheme 1908

The Institution of Engineers (Australia) and Engineering Heritage Australia (EHA) recently gave engineering heritage recognition to the Cassilis Hydro-electric Scheme (near Omeo in Eastern Victoria). A ceremony to unveil a Heritage Engineering Marker took place on Friday 14 November 2008 at the Victoria River Falls Historic Area.

The plaque was unveiled by Mr Craig Ingram MP, Member for Gisppsland East. A tour of the remnants of the hydro scheme was conducted on Friday afternoon. In the evening, John McCutchan gave an illustrated talk on the operation of the mine, treatment works and hydro-electric power plant.

Photographs used in the talk were provided by courtesy of onetime Cassilis mine engineer, Mr John Avery (whose grandson attended the event). On the following day, tours of the Cassilis Treatment Works and the site of the King Cassilis Treatment Plant were conducted.

Download the presentation in PDF format

Further details of the Cassilis and the HEM Unveiling Ceremony are available via (courtesy of Graeme Deveson and the Omeo Historical Society). The event was given substantial support by Parks Victoria and the Omeo Historical Society.

Historical article about Cassilis - download here

Further information on the event or the pioneering achievements commemorated can be obtained by email enquiry to

Engineering Works in Victoria

Many very significant engineering works were undertaking in Victoria, both to serve the Metropolitan area of Melbourne, and to serve the development of the Colony, the State, and the Nation.


Lists of key and major engineering works in chronological order are in preparation.

Your contributions to these lists would be appreciated.

  • Pre 1834 Before European settlement.
  • 1834 - 1851 Early settlement.
  • 1852 - 1860 Rapid developments after separation from NSW and the discovery of gold.
  • 1860 - 1895 The booms and busts that followed.
  • 1888 - 1914 National developments leading up to, and following, Federation in 1901.
  • 1914 - 1950 Boom and bust between the Wars.
  • 1950 - 1975 Post War developments to serve mass migrations from Britain, Europe and Asia.
  • 1975 - Today Consolidation and renewal.

Engineering Works by Discipline

Lists of key and major engineering works by industry / discipline are in preparation. Your contributions to these lists would be appreciated.

Roads and Bridges Buildings Water Supply
Irrigation and Drainage Ports and Harbours Sewerage
Fortifications and Defence Manufacturing Mining
Railways Tramways Electricity
Gas Supply Aviation Telegraph / Telephones / Radio
Environment Electronics and Computers  


  • 1888 - The Australian Building, Melbourne - Demolished 19??
  • 1912 - Dennys Lascelles Austin Wool Store, Geelong - E.G. Stone Demolished 19??
  • 1913 - State Library of Victoria, Melbourne
  • 1969 - Park Towers, South Melbourne - W.P.Brown & Assoc.
  • 1985 - Rialto Towers, Melbourne

Water Supply

  • 1853 Eastern Hill Water Tank - James Blackburn - Relocated to Werribee
  • 1857 Yan Yean Dam - James Blackburn - Upgraded 2001
  • 1857 Pipeline to Melbourne - James Blackburn
  • 1874 Lower Stony Creek Dam, Geelong - George Gordon
  • 1884 Toorourrong Dam, Whittlesea
  • 1927 Maroondah Dam, Healesville
  • 1929 Silvan Dam

Irrigation & Drainage

Key and major Irrigation engineering works

  • 1887 Goulburn Weir Near Nagambie
  • 1915 River Murray Waters Act
  • 1924 Eildon Dam (1) 'Sugarloaf Dam' Replaced 1950s
  • 1936 Hume Dam
  • 1939 Yarrawonga Weir
  • 1950 Eildon Dam (2)
  • 1980 Dartmouth Dam

Key and major Drainage engineering works

  • 1890s Koo Wee Rup Swamp

Ports & Harbours

  • 1860s Port of Echuca, Murray River
  • 1860s Alfred Graving Dock, Melbourne
  • 1870s Lakes Entrance, Gippsland Lakes
  • 1886 Coode Canal, Melbourne
  • 1892 Victoria Dock, Melbourne
  • 1960 Portland Breakwater


  • 1868 Melbourne Meat Preserving Company, Pipemakers Park
  • 1888 Yarra Falls Roller Mills Water-turbine powered mill, at Dight's Falls
  • 1911 Hume's Pipe Making, Pipemakers Park


  • 1854 Sandridge Line Flinders Street - Port Melbourne Falls Bridge, Station Pier First railway in Victoria. First steam railway in Australia. Converted to Light Rail 1990s
  • 1857 St.Kilda Line Flinders Street - St.Kilda Converted to Light Rail 1990s
  • 1857 Geelong - Newport Geelong Station. Railway Pier Geelong
  • 1859 Spencer Street - Williamstown Embankment, Saltwater Bridge & Railway Pier
  • 1859 Spencer Street - Sunbury
  • 1859 Windsor Branch Line St.Kilda - Windsor - Brighton St.Kilda - Windsor closed 1862
  • 1859 Flinders Street - Richmond
  • 1860 Richmond - Windsor Cremorne Bridge
  • 1861 Richmond - Hawthorn Hawthorn Railway Bridge 1855/1861
  • 1862 Geelong - Ballarat Moorabool Viaduct
  • 1862 Sunbury - Bendigo / Castlemaine Sunbury, Jacksons, Malmsbury, Taradale Viaducts. Ravenswood Bridge. Big Hill Tunnel, Elphinstone Tunnel
  • 1864 Bendigo - Echuca Rochester Bridge. Murray River Bridge
  • 1872 Spencer Street - Longwood Goulburn River Bridge, Seymour
  • 1873 Longwood - Wodonga Benalla, Wangaratta Bridges
  • 1875 Castlemaine - Maryborough - Clunes - Ballarat
  • 1875 Ballarat - Ararat
  • 1876 Deniliquin - Moama/Echuca NSW Private. VR from 1923
  • 1877 Ararat - Portland
  • 1877 Melbourne - Sale
  • 1881 (Sydney - Albury)
  • 1883 Wodonga - Albury (Completing Melbourne - Sydney)
  • 1887 Ararat - Servicetown (Completing Melbourne - Adelaide)
  • 1889 Melbourne - Ballarat Melton Viaduct 1886, Bacchus Marsh Loop
  • 1890 Ballarat - Heathcote Mollisons and Handfords Timber Viaducts
  • 1893 Outer Circle Railway Yarra Bridge 1890 at Fairfield Closed 1929 - now Chandler Highway
  • 1900 Ferntree Gully - Gembrook Narrow Gauge. Horseshoe Bridge 1899
  • 1916 Sale - Bairnsdale Avon River Bridge, Stratford.
  • 1916 Bairnsdale - Orbost Nicholson River Bridge. Nowa Nowa Bridge.
  • 1919 Wodonga - Cudgewa Timber Viaducts
  • 1919 Noojee Noojee Timber Viaduct - Rebuilt 1939
  • 1923 Deniliquin Line NSW Run by VR from 1923
  • 1924 Hume Weir deviations Constructed by VR
  • 1926 Balranald Line Constructed by VR
  • 1928 Kerang - Stony Crossing Constructed by VR
  • 1962 Standard Gauge: Melbourne - Albury

Malmsbury Railway Viaduct

Constructed 1861 - 1862. The largest stone bridge in Victoria.
One of Australia's finest early bridges.

Railway Viaduct, Malmsbury VIC Constructed as part of the nationally significant Melbourne - Mount Alexander and Murray River Railway, the Malmsbury Railway Viaduct is itself an outstanding engineering work.

Constructed of rusticated and finely dressed bluestone, it is the largest masonry bridge in Victoria, and when completed in 1862, it was Australia's longest stone bridge.

This magnificent bridge has five 18.3 metre spans, is about 25 metres high, and carries two railway tracks over the Coliban River at Malmsbury. It is still one of Australia's finest early bridges.

The initial design of the Melbourne - Mount Alexander and Murry River Railway is credited to Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The line was designed with two broad gauge tracks, high speed alignments, cutting through the landscape, and double headed rail.

The viaduct was erected by Cornish and Bruce for the Victorian Railways in 1859. The railway viaduct crosses over the Coliban River, which is dammed upstream to provide the headworks for the Bendigo Water Supply.


VicRoads Map 59 G5 and VicRoads Map 288 G3 Malmsbury

The bridge is accessible from Ellesmere Place, which is on the south, or left, side of the Calder Highway coming from Melbourne. View the viaduct by either walking through the park to the Lake, or from the southern end of Ellesmere Place.

Further References

Harrigan, L., Victorian Railways to '62 (Victorian Railways Public Relations and Betterment Board, Melbourne, 1962)

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