Australasian Fluid and Thermal Engineering Society

For engineers working with fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and related technologies.

The general mission of the Society is to promote and foster the understanding and application of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer and related subjects within Australasia to the general benefit of the community at large. The society publishes an occasional newsletter and runs conferences, workshops and seminars.

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The 12th Australasian Heat and Mass Transfer Conference (AHMTC) will be held in Sydney on the 8th-9th July 2021. Please visit the AHMTC website for further information.

The Australasian Heat and Mass Transfer Conference (AHMTC) series, initiated in 1973, is organised under the auspices of the Australasian Fluid and Thermal Engineering Society (AFTES). It provides a research forum for disseminating new knowledge to the Heat and Mass Transfer research community and for networking and exchanging research ideas. The AHMTC series covers both fundamental and applied topics in broad areas of convection, conduction, radiation, turbulence, multi-phase flow, combustion, drying, heat exchangers, computational and experimental methods, and other significant thermal processes in built environment and in environmental and industrial processes. Specific topics such as urban heat island, pollutant dispersion, natural ventilation, transport processes in reservoirs, lakes, rivers and coastal waters, energy dissipation in hydraulic jumps and scour in rivers etc. are also relevant.