Australasian Particle Technology Society (APTS)

For those working with particle technology in industry, government and academia.

About the Australasian Particle Technology Society

Formed in 1998, the APTS promotes the connection, interaction and cooperation between all organisations working in particle technology including academic and industrial research, government organisations and commercial manufacturers.

We act as a forum to disseminate information about advances in particle research, promote the interests of members and assist in organising technical meetings.

What is particle technology?

Particulate materials, powders or bulk solids are widely used in many process industries and the importance of a knowledge of their science cannot be over-emphasised. Very often, difficulties in the handling or processing of powders are ignored or overlooked at the design stage, resulting in an inordinate number of production stoppages.

The application of even a basic understanding of the behaviour of powders can minimise processing problems, reduce downtime, improve quality control and environmental emissions, and give companies a competitive edge.

Success in the handling and processing of particulate materials is based on science and not art. It is important for companies using and producing particulates to have in-house expertise in this science.

Who needs particle technology?

Many occupations need particle technology including:

  • chemists
  • physicists
  • pharmacists
  • material designers and engineers.

Mechanical and chemical engineers working in fields such as:

  • pharmaceutical
  • food processing
  • chemical
  • oil
  • mineral processing
  • metallurgical
  • detergent, cosmetics and related industries.

Australasian Particle Technology Society Student Conference 2018

Please click here for the details of the conference and how to register.

Australasian Particle Technology Society Leadership

A/Prof Yansong Shen (UNSW) - President 

Dr. Alex Yip (University of Canterbury) - Vice President 

Prof. Cordelia Selomulya (UNSW) - Past President 

Prof. Karen Hapgood (Deakin) - Past President 


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Related groups

The IChemE Particle Technology Special Interest Group (PTSIG).

The PTSIG provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences in particle technology research and industrial application. The PTSIG promotes and organises technical and professional courses and workshops for those working in the field.

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