Australian Earthquake Engineering Society


The Australian Earthquake Engineering Society (AEES) is dedicated to reducing earthquake risk by progressing science and engineering practices related to earthquakes and seismology. They seek a better understanding of the many ways in which earthquakes impact our lives including:

  • Physical - how can engineers use the most advanced materials and practices to reduce or even eliminate earthquake damage?
  • Social - how do we plan for, react and behave before, during and after an earthquake?
  • Economic - what are the economic repercussions of a high magnitude earthquake, including infrastructure, insurance and healthcare related costs?
  • Political - what procedures and provisions can and should be in place to reduce risk and prepare safety plans for high magnitude earthquakes?
  • Cultural - how do we, and other cultures, view earthquakes and how do these cultural viewpoints affect preparation and safety?

The AEES is a non profit society that organises meetings and conferences, creates and publishes newsletter, promotes research and represents Australia to the International Association of Earthquake Engineering.


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