A community designed to create an avenue for LGBTQIA+ engineers and allies to communicate, network and advocate.

Engineers Australia is proud to be a founding partner of InterEngineer, a community designed to provide an avenue for LGBTQIA+ engineers and allies to communicate, network and advocate.

Engineers Australia’s role in the community is one of support. InterEngineer is run by a committee of industry engineers and defined objectives, priorities and actions. The community activity is run by the committee with support from Engineers Australia, externally from our membership infrastructure. Members of the community do not have to be members of Engineers Australia, it is open to all the engineering community, whether they be LGBTQIA+ or an ally.

We are excited and proud to be a partner of this initiative, working towards a profession that values diversity and inclusion, enabling people to bring their true self to work regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

If you require more information on this initiative, you can get in contact here: [email protected].


InterEngineer Objectives


To ensure the engineering profession is inclusive for LGBTQI+ individuals so they can confidently bring their authentic self to work and thrive in their careers.

The Purpose

  • Improve the lives of the LGBTQI+ community within the engineering profession
  • Bring together organisations that employ professional engineers to collaborate on LGBTQI+ initiative and execute shared programs
  • Develop LGBTQI+ networks within our profession to ensure support, inclusion and guidance for all.
  • To use the network to engage regional and remote locations to provide support and information
  • To actively celebrate other areas of diversity – specifically intersectionality

Specific to our profession:

  • We focus on issues that are specific and commonplace to the engineering profession
  • Breakdown barriers and support current and future members of the LGBTQI+ community to work within the practice of engineering 
  • Focus on inclusion of our regional and remote engineers to support them with community and tools required


  • Ignorance and lack of understanding
  • Overcoming stereotypes and misconceptions
  • Workplace culture – particularly in SME’s and regional areas
  • Lack of support networks, especially in regional and remote areas


  • Leverage LGBTQI+ leaders within the profession
  • Large organisations that can influence and drive change within the profession
  • Learning from organisations that have existing D&I initiatives
  • The diversity and reach of committee and group members
  • Create a support network specifically for LGBTQI+ engineers and their allies


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