International Engineering Technologists Agreement (IETA)

About the IETA engineering register.

The International Engineering Technologists Agreement allows for the mutual recognition of the substantial equivalency of standards establishing the competency for practicing Engineering Technologists.

Engineers Australia is a participant in the International Engineering Alliance, comprising of engineering organisations and government agencies that have implemented agreements of substantial equivalence such as the APEC Engineering Agreement, the International Professional Engineer Agreement and the International Engineering Technicians Agreement.

Eligible Engineering Technologists can apply for registration as International Engineering Technologist (IntET) at the same time as they apply for CEngT or after they have become CEngT. 

Applicants for IntET(Aus) are to provide evidence of:

  • Successful completion of an Engineers Australia accredited or recognised undergraduate engineering course
  • Assessment by Engineers Australia as eligible for Chartered status.
  • Maintenance of continuing professional development at a satisfactory level which is audited every 5 years (Practice Review).
  • A minimum of seven years’ post-graduation practical experience as an Engineering Technologist involving the application of engineering knowledge.
  • At least two years in responsible charge of engineering work. This period is expected to be part of the seven years as described in the point above.

Please note that this information can be concurrent with a chartered assessment.

In general, an applicant may be taken to have been in responsible charge of engineering work when they have;

  • planned, designed, coordinated and executed a small project; or
  • undertaken part of a larger project based on an understanding of the whole project; or
  • undertaken broadly-defined and/or multi-disciplinary work.

TFIEAust CEngT and TFIEAust CEngT NER members of Engineers Australia are automatically eligible to apply for registration on the Register of International Engineering Technologists without further assessment. To apply, complete the TFIEAust application form.

TMIEAust CEngT and TMIEAust CEngT NER who meet the eligibility criteria should complete the TMIEAust application form and attach the supporting documents.

More information on the International Engineering Technologist Register, including the signatories to the agreement, can be found by clicking here.