The Crash Of MH370

Hear James Nixon, a recently retired A380 airline captain, explore the mysterious crash of MH370.
The Crash Of MH370

The Crash of MH370 may well be one those ground breaking accidents that changed our way of thinking.

Author James Nixon wrote an analysis of the mystery that is the missing Malaysian Airlines 777, the first to be published after the search concluded.

Unlike previous books about the ghost plane written by well-meaning amateur pilots and journalists, James is an industry insider; an A380 captain with similar experience to the missing pilot.

He will share with us the facts, who’s who, the flight and search.

Then dispel the various theories, provide his best guess as to what happened, and deliver a list of thirteen urgent recommendations for the industry.

Rarely do we hear from people within this industry. From pilots and air traffic controllers to crash investigators, their employment contracts stipulate: no comment.

Now James has retired, it means we are given a rare chance to peek behind the cockpit door.



James Nixon

James was an Airbus A380 Captain when he retired. His career spanned thirty-one years -- longer than most of his cabin crew have been on the planet, and many of his First Officers.

Now living a writer's life in Melbourne Australia after living in the Middle East, where he was flying Airbuses with the same carrier for over ten years. Previously, he was flying a VIP Airbus A320 for a Saudi Sheikh based in Bahrain, and before that flew in Vietnam, England, Malta and Australia.

As well as all the Airbus A380, he has flown Airbus A320, A321, A330 & A340; Boeing 727, Saab340 and Metroliner; as well as the usual squadron of general aviation aircraft.

Prior to becoming a pilot, he was a freelance writer and photographer and spent eight years running his own marketing and promotions business. He now is the principle of, which handles his interests: writing, media, public-speaking, guest lecturing, photography and podcasting.
He is a director of, a not-for-profit body raising awareness and money for research for into the 16 "forgotten cancers", (the ones most likely to kill you).

His latest book, "23 Tips To Survive A Long Flight" is his fifth book. His two previous Kindle bestsellers are "Sleeping For Pilots & Cabin Crew (And Other Insomniacs)" and "The Crash Of MH370”. Paperback books will be available to buy on the night, (cash preferred).

One of his interests is car rallying, he was the MC at Australia's largest, and long-running event,The Alpine Rally, last year; and is the media manager for the first round of the Australian Rally Championship, The Eureka Rally 2018.

James' eclectic photography, and much more, can be found at

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