Fish Passage In Culverts

Fish Passage In Culverts

Longitudinal stream connectivity is a basic requirement for a healthy ecosystem and waterway, and aquatic diversity. During the last four decades, concerns regarding the ecological impact of road crossings have attempted an evolution in design, although current culvert designs have little changed since ancient designs. Several jurisdictions, councils and authorities have developed culvert design guidelines to ensure that new culvert designs allow for upstream fish passage, most guidelines based upon a number of simplistic criteria, including bulk velocity and minimum water depth, often leading to less economical designs.

In Australia, man-made instream structures (e.g. dams and road crossings) have contributed to major declines in native fish numbers Within NSW alone, over 6,000 waterway crossings have been identified as fish passage barriers, accounting for nearly half of all barriers identified in the state. To address the impact that culvert structures have on native fish populations, the University of Queensland has conducted a major research program on upstream fish passage in box culverts, for the past 3 years, involving biologists and engineers. Recent advances on hydrodynamics, fish kinematics and energetics will be presented,  as well as some discussion on proposed development of engineering guidelines for fish-friendly culverts.

The proposed talk re-visits a very common hydraulic structure, the box culvert, with a twist: how to facilitate the upstream passage of small-bodied fish species. The talk will focus possibly more on the current engineering outcomes.


Meeting point (17:00-18:00) at AEB building 49 Level 2 near the entrance to the Structures Laboratory (Including tea/coffee)

Visit of AEB Hydraulic Laboratory from 17:00 to 17:55, AEB Building 49, Level 1

Seminar (18:00-18:45) in room 49-200, AEB Building 49 Auditorium, Access from Level 2 next to Lakeside Cafe

Tea/coffee will be available after seminar in AEB building 49 Level 2 (outside of Auditorium) near the entrance to the Structures Laboratory


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21 / 03 / 2018 - 05:30 pm to 07:00 pm
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