UN Sustainability Goals (EWB)

With a 2030 target these goals, replacing the millennium goals, rank up with the Paris Climate According as the biggest objectives guiding our entire world into the future.
UN Sustainability Goals (EWB)

UN Sustainability Goals

In September 2015, 192-member states, including Australia, meet in New York to sign the United Nation Sustainability Goals.  With a 2030 target these goals, replacing the millennium goals, rank up with the Paris Climate According as the biggest objectives guiding our entire world into the future.  These are goals that challenge all countries, not just the developing.

Yet 2 years on in 2017 sustainability goals remain unknown to most Australians. With the Australian government first voluntarily report on our delivery of them only expected 2018 the gaols remain in the background of policy.  A position which in terms seems them often been overlooked by the engineering and built form industry, a sector with serious potential to engage with them.

Yet this is starting to change.  Companies including; Westpack, AusPost and Yarra Valley Water have started to align their business vision & objectives to the Sustainability Goals.  Government bodies like the department of Environment and Energy are restructuring to take direct responsibility for allocated goals.  If the engineering profession it to stay aligned with our customers we need to equally act on these gaols, both in our own business structures and by align deliverables to match our client’s needs.

Designed for Professional Interested in gaining a better Understanding of our Global Challenges

To help our industry address these challenges.  Engineering without Board (EWB) and Engineers Australia (EA) have convened a working group evening.  The aim of the night will be to become more aware of the United Nation Sustainability Goals, in both their objectives and the actions required from us.

The evening will be structured to allow maximum audience participant.  Following short presentation on the UN sustainability goals participants will break into groups with a facilitator.  Each group will then work to seek to unpack one of the 17 goals from an industry stance.  A process which will see discussions focus on risk, client needs and business structure of each target.

Benefits to Participants

  • Better understanding the Objectives behind key engineering related UN Sustainability Goals; including; 6 - Clean Water & Sanitation, 7 -Affordable and Clean Energy, 9 - Industry Innovation and 11 - Sustainability Cities
  • In depth knowledge into interfaces between the UN sustainability goals and the engineering industry
  • Improved ability to include and align deliveries with the UN Sustainability Goals 
  • Opportunities to gain knowledge and share experience with peers
  • New professional and social networks with engineering, committed to creating lasting social value with communities
  • Appreciate on the range of opportunities, risk and challenges facing the sector

This workshop is offer to EB Australia and Engineers Australia Members. Places are limited so early registration is recommended. Up to 2 CPD points can be claimed for attendance. Refreshments will be provided.

This workshop is delivered by EWB Connect, an initiative of EWB Australia. EWB Connect aims to inspire, educate and train individuals and organisations in the skills required for effective pro bono practice and people-centred approaches.

21 / 11 / 2017 - 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Engineers Australia Harricks Auditorium, Ground Floor, 8 Thomas Street, Chatswood
  • Members:
    $10 for EA and EWB Members
  • Non Members:
    $20 for Non-Members
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