Professional Development Program

Helping businesses raise their engineers to Chartered Status.

BE SUPPORTED by Engineers Australia to BUILD your engineering competency and BECOME Chartered

The Professional Development Program (PDP) is one of the four pathways that Engineers Australia offers for members to achieve Chartered Status.

The PDP is the best way for individuals and for Organisations to support their employees, to work through the Chartered application requirements in a structured and supported process.

You can participate, and join over 5000 others, as an individually sponsored participant or as a sponsored participant of one of our 300+ PDP Partner organisations.

Why become Chartered?

Chartered is exclusively for engineers of all disciplines and career stages who have demonstrated leadership by inviting independent scrutiny and validation of their engineering experience, ethical practice, and dedication to continuous professional development.

For Engineers, Chartered is:

  • Pride – confidence in your ability and acknowledgement of your achievements
  • Credentials – assurance for clients and the broader community
  • Competitive edge – recognised by peers and valued by employers
  • Registration – a pathway to Registration on one of three national engineering registers and Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland (RPEQ)
  • Global recognition – International Accords enable acceptance of skills and knowledge on the world stage
  • Mobility – Mutual Recognition Agreements promote professional links and opportunities worldwide
  • Professionalism – supported by Engineers Australia – the nation’s premier engineering network

Why the PDP?

  • Use our eChartered online application & assessment system.
  • Use the skills matrix, competency guide and other PDP resources to plan and assist you in building the Chartered competencies, linking through to your professional development and career growth.
  • Attend Engineers Australia’s Chartered presentations & use our advice to find a Mentor to assist you in staying motivated.
  • Submit a draft Engineering Competency Claim & get feedback
  • Prepare your final verified ECCs in smaller bundles of at least 4 at a time as you gain the necessary experience.
  • Be encouraged along the way as you meet submission milestones.
  • Have access to our Nationally accredited Assessors and the PDP Team for support & advice.
  • Receive guidance to help you prepare for your Professional Interview.
  • Have your achievement of Chartered celebrated.


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