Studying in Australia

Resources and links for migrant students.

Australia has a thriving community of international students and is a fantastic choice for studying overseas. You will gain the skills, knowledge and post-graduate networks to guide your career and life to amazing places.

Aspiring engineers will find many options for study in Australia. Our universities have modern facilities staffed by expert lecturers with an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Engineers Australia's accredited programs are recognised both nationally and internationally to give you a great panel of opportunities both locally and internationally

Below are some resources and helpful links to guide you in your first steps towards attaining a high quality education from an Australian university.

Important information from Engineers Australia

Accredited engineering courses in Australia

Engineers Australia accredits engineering courses for Australian academic institutions, ensuring they meet international benchmarks. An accredited course offers a guarantee of future membership with Engineers Australia and international agreements on joint recognition give you the opportunity to take your skills overseas.

Accredited programs page

Professional resources

Our collection of professional resources includes a wide variety of helpful PDFs, website links, awards, scholarships and more.

Access our professional resources

Professional Year in Engineering

The Professional Year in Engineering is a special program offered by Engineering Education Australia, the dedicated training division of Engineers Australia. The program allows those with a qualifying visa to gain work experience in the Australian job market.

The Professional Year in Engineering grants you invaluable local experience through online study, workshops and 12 weeks of professional work placement. The program is an asset should you wish to migrate and continue your career in Australia as it grants extra points for applicants to certain visas.

Learn more about Engineering Education Australia's Professional Year in Engineering!

Government resources for student migrants

Study in Australia: official government website

The Australian Government's dedicated online portal for student migrants:

Department of Immigration and Border Protection - studying in Australia

Information for student migrants from the Department of Immigration and border protection:

Department of Education and Training - international education

Information for those who wish to migrate to Australia for study, from the Department of Education and Training:

Tuition protection service

An Australian Government initiative to assist international students in the event that their educational institution fails to deliver their course.

The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)

An official government website listing all Australian educational providers that offer courses to international students.

Resources for students by state


Northern Territory

South Australia

Western Australia


New South Wales


Other resources

Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority

If you wish to utilise the services of a migration agent you can find one through this official government website:


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