School Presentation Toolkits

Get students engaged with engineering with these in-school presentation toolkits.


These presentation toolkits have been developed as an engaging introduction to engineering for school students of varying age groups. 

The 'Hands-Off' Primary School Presentation has been designed to engage a lower primary school audience without requiring a presenter.

The two Speaker Presentation Toolkits include uniquely curated content designed for speakers to engage either a primary or high school student audience. 


Hands-Off Primary School Presentation

Speaker Presentation Toolkits

Use the speaker presentation toolkits as a template, and add in your unique experiences, stories and advice.

Simply download the resources below. If you're more comfortable making a presentation, you can choose the Option A with simplified talking points.

Or you can choose Option B with more detailed talking points. It's your choice!

The presentations are available as a PowerPoint or PDF format.

Watch the Primary School Member Tutorial



Watch the High School Member Tutorial