NSW engineer registration

Our Members support compulsory registration of all engineers.

Opal Tower and Mascot Towers shocked governments into creating reforms to professional standards and the building sector. But engineers do more than design and construct buildings.

Our Members and the community support compulsory registration of professional engineers working across all industries in NSW.


Registration of Engineers: the case for statutory registration offers a comprehensive explanation of the value of registration, an overview of how it can work in practice, and much more!



Draft Regulations for the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 will be released by the Government for public review in mid-November.



Real-life examples highlighting the need for a statutory registration scheme across all engineering industries.

What does Engineers Australia want?

  1. To secure public confidence in the engineering profession by implementing a government-run register of engineers that is modelled on what is in operation in QLD and has recently been introduced for Victoria.
  2. We need a nationally coordinated system - we don't want red tape from different standards in every state. 
  3. Professional bodies should be appointed to conduct assessments on individuals’ qualifications and experience to keep costs low. 
  4. Registration should apply to anyone who provides professional engineering services (unless if working under the supervision of a registered engineer, or if only applying a prescriptive standard or instructions).


Trust - The community trusts engineering without realising it.

The buildings we live in. The bridges we drive across. The technology we rely on every day.

We trust that they are safe and will work as they are designed to. Rarely do we realise how much of the world we inhabit was created by engineers.

When trust is unconscious, it’s even more important to protect the integrity of engineering practice.


Reform cannot stop with only the building sector.

Opal Tower and Mascot Towers shocked governments into creating reforms to professional standards in the building sector.

But reform cannot stop with just one industry.

In NSW, engineers are instrumental to delivery of the Government’s State Infrastructure Strategy and maintaining its $300 billion asset base, meeting the NSW commitment to net zero emissions by 2050, and creating the future of industry through technology innovation.

The new laws to register engineers passed by the NSW Parliament in June 2020 mean that, for the first time in NSW, there will be proper controls on who can practice as a professional engineer. The new scheme will ensure that many who deliver professional engineering services without supervision will have appropriate competencies and regard to standards.


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