Event series providing engineers with soft skills during uncertain times

We know that juggling work and life pressures have been made harder by the coronavirus pandemic. Our new event series has been developed to give you the skills to Adapt and Thrive.
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Event series providing engineers with soft skills during uncertain times

Engineers Australia has developed the Adapt and Thrive online event series to provide members with much-needed support and skills to assist with pressures and demands brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, addressing topics such as health and wellness, remote working, virtual management, motivating teams, and legal and HR related topics.

An initial four-part series kicked off in May 2020 with resounding success, with one member saying, “The topics in this series have been really welcomed in the environment we find ourselves … and not just focused on technical development, which we naturally get in our jobs.”

The second Adapt and Thrive series will follow a similar vein, covering the return to work, communication, creative thinking and leading through chaos.


Returning to work: start, stop, keep | September 10

Zrinka Lovrencic, former Managing Director, Great Place to Work Australia

What does "back to work" look like in the post COVID era?

What have we learned from the last six months that we can leverage and use in the workplace of the future?

Join Zrinka to hear how organisations and people are adapting to take advantage of our ‘new’ normal and the newfound benefits of working from home while finding solutions to overcome the disadvantages.


Storytelling: a tale of two perspectives | September 24

John Blackburn AO, Institute for Integrated Economic Research Chair and former Air Force Deputy Chief and F/A-18 Fighter Pilot
Chris Huet, Communications Coach at Understood and former fighter jet squadron leader

Complex and technical subjects are vital to our society. But they can be dry and jargon-heavy, making them difficult to express to the wider public.

How do we discuss technical topics in ways familiar and welcoming to our audience?

In this presentation you will hear from two practitioners about their experiences connecting with people from outside their areas of expertise.


Creative thinking to drive innovation | October 8

Jane MacMaster, Engineers Australia Chief Engineer

Creative thinking is an important skill for engineers; as Ove Arup once said “Engineering problems are under-defined, there are many solutions, good, bad and indifferent. The art is to arrive at a good solution. This is a creative activity, involving imagination, intuition and deliberate choice”.

In this session, Jane will provide you with tangible take-aways, tips and insights on how to think about problems and solutions from different angles to form creative ideas and beginnings to unlock innovation and find good solutions.


Limitless – How to Amplify your Potential on the Edge of Chaos | October 22

Vanessa Vershaw, Transformation Expert and CEO and Founder of Reinvention Consulting

Mindset is everything; it is the difference between those who thrive on the edge and continue to evolve versus those who break under pressure.

This session is a wake-up call! Vanessa will show you how to be at your best when it matters most. You will learn how to build the right mindset to handle whatever life throws at you and, how to rewire your brain to be more adaptable


In case you missed the first series or would like a recap, recordings are available on the EA onDemand (See the Adapt and Thrive Sub-Channel available under the Leadership and Management Channel).