GHD backing Australian Government’s Global Internship

Under the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan, Engineers Australia Northern Supporters GHD will further the career of one of the Northern Territory’s brightest emerging engineers.
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GHD backing Australian Government’s Global Internship

Pictured (left to right)May Ngui CPEng, GHD’s Manager – Canberra and Southern NSW, former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and CDU engineering student Joel Kennaway. Credit: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Under the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan, Engineers Australia Northern Supporters GHD will further the career of one of the Northern Territory’s brightest emerging engineers.

Undergoing its pilot year back in 2014, the New Colombo Plan aims to lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia by supporting Australian undergraduates to study and undertake internships in the region.

Supported by global engineering service providers GHD, Charles Darwin University student Joel Kennaway will be among the next cohort to embark on the one-year global internship.

Kennaway, who is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering Science / Master of Engineering (Civil and Structural) in Darwin, will undertake his professional learnings from GHD in the challenging tropical climate of the Philippines.

The undergraduate is no stranger to the Indo-Pacific, having grown up in Timor-Leste and is fluent in Tetum.

Eager to upskill in real-world civil, structural and environmental facets of engineering, Kennaway can’t wait for the day he can apply this future knowledge on his home Territory.

“I am a proud Territorian and in my immediate future I want to carve a successful career as a civil or structural engineer in the NT,” said Kennaway.

“The opportunity to intern with a global engineering company such as GHD will give me a greater understanding about which direction I would like to take my career.”

Under the same global internship regime, GHD is also offering an internship to ANU student Evangeline (Evie) Packett (Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of International Security Studies) that will take place in Fiji.

May Ngui CPEng, GHD’s Manager for Canberra and Southern NSW, has endorsed this hands-on approach to learning and professional development.

“At a similar age to Evie and Joel, I left my birthplace of Sarawak to study engineering in Canada. Having benefitted from so much support and encouragement back then, it gives me great pride to celebrate the achievements of young people who are also saying yes to global opportunities to gain both professional skills and intercultural understanding,” said Ngui.

Said GHD’s Market Development Leader for the Asia Pacific, Ben White: “The New Colombo Plan brings together the government, businesses, universities, and the community to support young scholars who have the potential to contribute so much to regional relationships into the future.

“Extending our support for the New Colombo Plan in 2019 with these new scholarship opportunities is part of GHD’s contribution to building relationships with clients and communities in the region, and achieving our purpose of creating lasting community benefit wherever we work.”


About the 2019 New Colombo Plan scholarship:

The New Colombo Plan will support 125 scholars from across Australia to live, study, learn a language and gain work experience in 24 locations throughout the Indo-Pacific in 2019.

The initiative is centred around developing Australian undergraduates’ understanding of the Indo-Pacific and equipping them with the cross-cultural skills needed to succeed in a region that is crucial to Australia's prosperity and security.

The scholars represent the diversity of Australia and include six Indigenous Australians and six students who live with a disability. Thirty percent are from regional and remote Australia, 17 percent are the first in their families to study at university, and one in five are from a lower socio-economic background.