Meet the EA Engimites – the newest edition to the EA Junior Club

How do we fly? Who built the city we live in? How does power get to our TV? Each Engimite character brings to life a different aspect of engineering with easy to implement activities for the home and classroom.
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EA Junior club

Following the launch of EA Junior Club, our primary school program that provides activities and resources to parents and teachers, we are proud to bring you the newest members of the EA family, the Engimites! 

Kids are natural-born engineers and when you introduce the Engimites and their activities into the classroom and at home, our future engineers come to life with problem solving skills.  

Each little Engimite character embodies a different aspect of engineering and shows kids how they can make a difference to the world around them.

Launched in July of this year, the EA Junior Club features activities for teachers that are aligned with the school curriculum as well as fun resources and activities for parents to use at home. Perfect for the school holidays, these activities are easy to implement and provide an excellent way to foster new approaches to learning that help to support inquisitive young minds.

The Engimites are the newest addition to the EA Junior Club and will be sure to grasp your kids’ imaginations and get them thinking about engineering.

Get to know each of the Engimite characters below. 


Ziggy – Aerospace Engineer 

How do we fly? Ask Ziggy, an Aerospace Engineer. 
Aerospace Engineers design and build amazing flying machines that soar through the sky and space. Been on a nice holiday? An Aerospace Engineer designed your plane!



Lexi – Water Engineer 

Heights not your thing? Lexi is a Water Engineer. 
Water Engineers make sure we all have enough water to grow food, shower and drink! They build dams and water plants and really long pipes to water from the rivers, lakes and the sea to where it needs to be.



Jax – Biomedical Engineer 

When bodies need rebuilding, that’s what Biomedical Engineers like Jax do. 
Biomedical Engineers help doctors to treat patients. They make things like prosthetic hands, arms and legs to replace missing limbs; they can even make new lungs and hearts! 



Raf – Electrical Engineer 

Wonder who gets power to your lights and TV? It’s Electrical Engineers like Raf! 
Electrical Engineers power almost everything we do and use, from lights to computers and your TV. If it needs electricity they’re there with wires, transistors and circuits to make it all switch on, light up and move. 



Boots – Software Engineer 

Use apps on your phone? It’s Software Engineers like Boots that develop these. 
Software Engineers speak their own language - it’s called code! To most of us that’s just ones and zeros, but to an expert it’s the building blocks for all the apps we use on our computers and phones.



Digby – Civil Engineer 

Who built the city you live in? Civil Engineers like Digby, that’s who! 
Civil Engineers design how cities work, like where all the roads, schools and hospitals go. They make sure everyone can get around easily and all the things we need in our cities are in place and working properly.