Welcome to the 2021 Newcastle Division Committee

Division Committee Members are volunteers who contribute to the strategic plan of EA, and endeavour to advance the science and practice of engineering for the benefit of the community.
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In 2021 the Newcastle Division Committee will welcome several new members to support Engineers Australia’s Newcastle activities by working across new and existing initiatives to promote the profession and support Engineers Australia’s key strategic priorities. We will continue to focus on STEM related strategies including liasing and working with schools and the University of Newcastle to deliver events and presentations to the secondary & tertiary students as well as new graduates. The 2021 committee members bring a broad range of experience and interest to the role and are well-positioned to provide leadership and direction to support the Division and the local engineering profession. Increasing our presence in the community and raising awareness of engineering will be key focus areas for the committee. Working with our major stakeholders and members to deliver relevant and up to date information will continue into 2021.



Our 2021 Newcastle Division Committee: 

  • Mr Pierre Gouhier – President
  • Mr Stephen Palmer - Deputy President
  • Mr Joseph Townsend - Immediate Past President
  • Mrs Karlie Collis - Committee Member
  • Ms Renny Chivunga - Committee Member
  • Ms Natalie Perfrement - Committee Member
  • Mr David Sparkes – Committee Member
  • Mr Bret Barton - Committee Member
  • Mr Rhett Watters - Committee Member
  • Mr Peter Orford - Committee Member
  • Mr Frank Sammut - Appointed Committee Member
  • Mr Leon Fabrikanov - Appointed Committee Member


Thanks to resigning and retiring Division Committee members: Mr Steve Adamthwaite, Mr Paul Reynolds & Mr Michael van Koeverden for their valued contributions during their term on Division Committee.

Mr Steve Adamthwaite: Steve has been on Division Committee since 2019 and has been involved with the YEN, including Chair of the group. He has also been involved with the YEA national working group on a number of initiatives.

Mr Paul Reynolds: Paul has been involved with EA for many years. He was involved with the local Mechanical Branch Committee and represented Nwecastle on the Mechanical College Board before joining the Division Committee and taking on the role of President in 2010 & 2011. Paul was also involved in the CLM Branch, other positions he’s held include Congress rep, Education Sub Committee Chair, Chief judge of AEEA awards and is currently involved with EA’s accreditation process.

Mr Michael van Koeverden: Michael has been an active volunteer and office bearer for many years as well. He has been on the Civil/Structural Branch, a Board member of the Civil College, Division Committee where he served as President in 2015, represented the Division at Congress, is on the Education Sub Committee and has been actively involved in several of EA’s working groups including the Light Rail Transport Group the NSW Registration group.