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One of Engineers Australia's core activities is to make its position known on policies, inquiries and other government initiatives. Such high level representation raises the profile of engineers and ensures that the views of practicing engineers are considered when governments develop policies. We use a range of methods to ensure our voice is heard.


Online Newsroom

The newsroom includes:

  • media releases
  • opinion pieces
  • member profiles
  • statistics and data
  • resources for journalists
  • and more...

Media Release Archive

Engineers Australia statements articulating our position on issues of interest, policy or matters affecting the engineering profession from 2008 to 2013.


  • Government Submissions: Engineers Australia makes submissions to government on a wide range of issues.
  • Policy Statements: Engineers Australia draws upon the intellectual capital of the membership when drafting policy statements and developing submissions.
  • Information Papers and Policy Notes: A collection of papers detailing and accessing the effect of government policy on the engineering profession.

Statistical Analysis

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