Division committee and college board elections

We recently called for eligible members to nominate for Division Committee and College Board vacancies to contribute their knowledge and time to provide leadership in key areas. 

Nomination process

The nomination period for all positions is now closed.

Voting process

Members who are eligible to vote under regulation 6.24* will be asked to vote online if they have a valid email address.  

For the purposes of voting, an email will be sent to you by the external service provider CorpVote with a unique ID number, which is used for voting. The email will go to your most current registered email address unless otherwise specified. If an email to this address bounces, then the other email addresses are used in succession.  

Candidates' names and headshots will be listed on the voting platform randomly. Once you have logged in with your unique ID number, you will see the names and headshots of each candidate, which you will be able to click to read their candidate statements.  

Depending on how many positions are available, you will be asked to place a number in order of preference to each candidate, for example, if there are five candidates, numbers 1–5 would be used in order or preference.  

All nominees will be notified, via phone or email, of the outcome of the election after the voting period. 

Voting is managed by CorpVote and the Returning Officer, who is an Engineers Australia employee. 

Voting dates

Voting opens – 9am on 8 August 2022 AEST

Voting closes – 7pm on 19 August 2022 AEST

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to participate in nominations and elections, you must:

  • be a voting member. That is, not a Student, Companion or Affiliate
  • not have had your membership suspended
  • not be in arrears, having either:
    • paid in full your applicable 2022–23 membership subscription by close of nominations, 22 July 2022
    • made arrangements for periodic payment of your 2022–23 membership subscription, and the periodic payments due to date having been paid by 22 July 2022
    • been previously granted free subscriptions for 40 years of membership
    • been granted and paid in full, a concession for your 2022–23 membership subscription
    • been previously granted a full membership exemption from membership subscriptions
    • be an Honorary Fellow
    • had your 2022-23 subscriptions formally waived
  • be a member of the Division in which the vacancy occurs for Division Committee Elections
  • be a member of and Chartered in the College in which the vacancy occurs for College Board Elections.


The number of available positions varies by Division and College. View the vacancies and position descriptions below. 

Division Committee position description (PDF)

  • Canberra – 6
  • Newcastle – 5
  • Northern – 2
  • Queensland – 3
  • South Australia – 6
  • Sydney – 3
  • Tasmania – 6
  • Victoria – 3
  • Western Australia – 3

College Board position statement (PDF)

If we receive fewer nominations than the positions available, those nominees will be elected unopposed provided they meet the eligibility criteria. Any unfilled positions will be determined by a casual vacancy process by the College Board.

  • Electrical – 2
  • Information, Telecommunications, and Electronics Engineering – 2